5 Comments on “Norway holds back an estimated 717 million shillings of aid to Uganda government”

  1. GOOD JOB to all the countries who already cut aids to Uganda and the ones
    who will do the same in the future. HATE like that must not be tolerated ,
    so there are consequences if you are throwing such hate.

    The country budget is 25% from foreign aid. So the country economy will
    suffer big time. LOVE, EQUALITY and OPPORTUNITY for all

  2. If u think u can’t work with Uganda why are your embassies still open u
    assholes, we’ll survive don’t worry………….u can go & steal oil
    somewhere else

  3. You Euro peons are a cancer to all of humanity. Pushing your animalistic
    behavior on people just let’s everybody know where the evil wicked beast
    resides. And people wonder why the Euro peon populations birth rates are
    spiking more than anyother peoples.

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