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  1. Do you have a video for Political Parties and Elections, I need it for my
    Gov class… thanks

  2. Great video, although I would have added on thing. The Keynesian model
    doesn’t just call for tax increases. It calls for big increases in
    borrowing in order to fund the various projects, which would increase the
    debt. Simply raising taxes implies that these projects will be bought and
    paid for, when that’s not the case. So it wasn’t really the full story.
    Great video overall, though. 

  3. lol so thats what obama said he was going to do?! he did the same thing as
    bush. the 2 party system is more of vote for your favorite sports team
    thing, it gets at biological systems that promoted our early development as
    a tribal species

  4. Barack and Mitt for Dummies

    With the US Election less than a week away, Next EDU Guru +Keith Hughes breaks
    the candidates down in simple terms ….

  5. Barack and Mitt for Dummies

    With the US Election less than a week away, Next EDU Guru +Keith Hughes breaks
    the candidates down in simple terms ….

  6. Barack and Mitt for Dummies

    With the US Election less than a week away, Next EDU Guru +Keith Hughes breaks
    the candidates down in simple terms ….

  7. wtf Obama soft on foreign policy! On what planet? some really bad over
    simplification going on here!

  8. So, I guess our bromance is over. Just so you know though, you don’t have
    to click on the suggested videos, its not like a rule or something. But on
    a serious note, I actually think this is a pretty good insult. Have a
    wonderful life.

  9. Yeah, but the problem is that the decision is binary. You get all of one or
    another. I’d like a blend. Two big things were left on the cutting room
    floor. 1. The ability to appoint new supreme court justices and 2. The fact
    that President Obama would be a lame duck and perhaps be less constrained
    the Governor Romney. Which guy wants to fund educational videos?

  10. Really REALLY well done, Keith. Me, leaning a but more right, thinks about
    partial birth abortion when that issue comes up…that gives me the heeby

  11. I think a war with Iran, a hardening of our Israeli stance, a redefining of
    torture and a threat to call China a currency manipulator are all a little
    bit harder. But agreed we arguing between a medium soft boiled egg and
    medium hard soft boiled egg. Luckily I am a vegetarian and don’t eat eggs.
    Props to your wisdom and wit.

  12. I am not arguing that Romney is softer. I’m arguing the difference between
    the two in terms of foreign policy is rhetoric and nothing but. Romney’s
    rhetoric is stronger when it comes to Israel because he’s milking the
    Republican base. And they aren’t even tremendously far off in terms of
    rhetoric, either. When it comes to policy, I’m not sure you can get much
    ‘harder’ than the last four years.

  13. Hell yeah. Im challenging myself to keep going lower with each video. So in
    a few years they will be like 8 seconds. I don’t know how you do it.

  14. He would only be a lame duck if the GOP continued to refuse to compromise
    and bargain on taxes. I sense America who currently supports the House GOP
    at 8%, would have too much more patience. I sense the inner gizzards of the
    GOP would abandon their firm Norquestian stance and return to the game of
    politics. The Supreme court nominees would mirror much of their previously
    states positions. Obama goes left, Romney goes right.

  15. Awesome! It nice to hear anytime anyone is excited to vote, I do wish Gary
    was included in the debates, that would of been an awesome 90 minutes
    Thanks for your comment, I hope you subscribe so I can continue my path to
    living like a political gangster.

  16. How about the most important issue, monetary policy? I’ll give you a hint,
    they have the same stance on it… Also, what about those 3rd parties and
    independents? It would be nice for people to know they don’t have to vote
    for the lesser of 2 evils.

  17. I was so curious what you’d play when the Gay Rights would come up. If you
    had Elton John or club music I would have laughed my ass off. lol The video
    was very well done!

  18. It’s really funny that Obama is considered a soft power candidate. He is
    more brutal than Bush was concerning Drone Strikes. But Romney probably
    would drag us into another war, that’s what psychopaths do.

  19. Obama has been a tyrant on foreign policy with wars and drone bombings.
    Obama has not been soft.

  20. I think you and most people including myself would of thought obama’s
    stance on foreign affairs would be a lighter, and more passive one when it
    comes to going into other countries to preserve our self interest and
    working with the UN, but boy were we wrong. Since he’s taken office he’s
    gone into Libya, Yemen, without congress’ approval or the UN’s approval. He
    also increased the drone program by like 10X of what Bush was using the
    program for. You’re thoughts?

  21. Romney supported the GOP plank that the Constitution should be amended to
    outlaw abortion. He used to be pro choice but switched to win the primary.
    I know you are alluding to the requirement that insurance companies cover
    contraceptives (not unlike them covering penile enhancement drugs) but on
    abortion the two party planks were polar opposites.

  22. You are probably right, I wanted to draw sharp distinctions. In my weak
    defense I do think I clarified the health care position on Obama by stating
    that I thought this what he really wanted but compromised…. I am pretty
    sure I stated that Romneys plan was to turn abortion over to the states, I
    also believe he supports a Constitutional Amendment or at the very least
    the overturning of Roe V. Wade. But yes, both candidates positions are much
    greyer than what I stated. Thanks for your comment!

  23. Third Party is the way to go! Down with the corporatist (Romney and Obama).
    I’m voting Gary Johnson.

  24. He is softer than Romney would be. Have you seen who is surrounding Romney?
    Neo-Cons galore. And would Romney of led from behind in Libya? Romney is
    war rattling with Iran….. its all relative. Yes Obama is harder than
    Clinton and I think approached Bush… but in the end, he does work within
    the UN, is softer in regards to the Palestinians and I think would be a
    better choice to avoid escalations in the middle east.

  25. Thanks alot! but obama and mitt voting records are the same, LIVE FREE vote
    for Gary Johnson.

  26. Who’s already talking about running in 2016? It’s funny how obamas second
    term hasn’t even started yet and it’s already not to early to ask that.
    It’s gonna be an election without an incumbent president which is nice.

  27. Ridiculous within the first minute. Obama is soft on foreign policy? He’s
    Dick Cheney on steroids. Most pro-war president we’ve ever had.

  28. Don’t worry I voted. Good news, I voted Obama. Bad news, I live in Utah.
    Good news, I live in battleground House Representative District 4 and I
    voted for Jim Matheson!

  29. I plan on rectifying that, I would rather not just be a facilitator of the
    two party machinery. I do spend time on each third party that had an impact
    in my Elections for Dummies series but from reading these comments I might
    need to do a vid exclusively on 3rd parties. Thanks for your feedback and I
    certainly hope you subscribe.

  30. i find you to be the single most annoying person i have ever seen in my
    life. could you do a video on how to stop YouTube from suggesting your
    awful videos, i would watch it.

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