5 Comments on “Obama: Gay rights Advocate?”

  1. <--Here is the test. Take away all the government financial benefits from both married straight and gay couples. Gays won't be complaining. Come on. This is 2013. If this was 50 years ago, this would be a real debate, but it's not. Nobody gives a damn about Rights today. You can have all the Rights in the world and still be broke and at the bottom of the social ladder. Just ask a hobo. It's really all about the money!

  2. because for as far as we’ve come as a society and as a species, we’re still
    fighting over trivial matters like whether two people of the same sex
    should be allowed to be married.like opposite-sex couples. Such an issue
    seems like it would be better suited for a political battle of the 1950s,
    not 2012.

  3. Marriage is not a government invention. It’s not even a religious
    invention. Marriage is just a group of people recognizing and celebrating
    the union of two (or more) people. So the gay marriage talking points are
    meaningless. Blacks had their Civil and Human Rights trampled on for
    centuries and still are today. So really, what makes gays so much more
    special that they deserve money? Because this is all about money if you dig
    deep enough. –>

  4. hobama is ONLY pimping gays and latinos for votes! what has he ACTUALLY
    done for us? other than make gay soldiers equal corpses w/ unequal gay
    widows’ benefits? talk is cheap hobama has now set gays up to be blamed for
    his 2012 selection loss nobama 2012!!!!!!!

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