38 Comments on “Obama: Gay Rights “Make This Union More Perfect””

  1. Wrong. The USA is slowly recovering – when it comes to the ballot, people
    will be thinking very seriously and opt for “better the devil you know” as
    they always do in these circumstances. It was the sheer greed of the
    republicans and their supporters that led to the global economic
    catastrophe that will still be with us long, long after Obama’s second term
    has ended.

  2. Economy going down, unemployment at all time low, still troops in
    Afghanistan and Iraq and a weak publicity stunt before showdown. Now does
    that sound good to you?

  3. Its funny how the otherside works. If something goes wrong, war, economy,
    you must find a witch to burn. Muslims, black people, gay people, women
    with boobs. ATTACK THEM, and maybe god will fix the economy for you. haha.

  4. Yeah, and he then “they be all happy ? Hollywood and freemason friends have
    no morals and wont stop till everyone is cheating on their wives and doing
    incest” <- put the 'Troll' on.

  5. not to mention NDAA,Internet Censorship,Treatment of Bradley Manning,
    Treatment of OWS protestors, CISPA. Is the american public really that dumb
    that the president gives into a liberal hollywood agenda and they be all
    happy ? Hollywood and freemason friends have no morals and wont stop till
    everyone is cheating on their wives and doing incest

  6. How in the hell do a couple of men who love each other getting married
    undermine YOUR marriage? Is your marriage on such shaky grounds that your
    wife fears you might run off with one of your football buddies if gays are
    treated as equals to straights? But you’re right: I still have seen no
    evidence to think it’s the result of nothing more than pure bigotry to deny
    an entire group of people the same rights you have. Alexander the Great,
    Caesar, and Da Vinci played for the other team. Good team.

  7. Did you begin life as a mannequin? You haven’t changed much. Perhaps you
    should try singing “If I only had a brain” for a few months… I don’t have
    any other way to help you. You’re oblivious to the history you keep
    bringing up. You seem to know absolutely nothing about it.

  8. Yeah, yeah, and Satan is everywhere, Obama is the Anti-Christ and AMERICU
    IS BEING DESTRUYDS BY NIGGUHS. Where were you about 3 yeas ago? Back then
    it looked more fucked then now.

  9. economy going up ? why just because less people looking for work ? Wars not
    esclating ? what world are you in ? daily drone strikes in yemen, more war
    with Iran. Bin Laden killed with out trial, and over 500 people have died
    in revenege attack, for killing a man who was no longer in charge of Al
    Qaeda Super Pac money, and Wall street money destroying america…obama got
    the most money from goldman sachs

  10. Thank god you’ll never be president. Let me guess: you were all for the
    wars, no? I mean, your friend Georgie the Bush scared the living crap out
    of you with the WMD boogyman talk, so why NOT sling trillions of dollars at
    Halliburton to keep you safe, right? But fuck gay people. If this were 100
    years ago and women didn’t have the right to vote, would you stand up for
    the rights of your own gender? Somehow I have the feeling that you’d be
    telling the ladies “We have more power in the kitchen…”

  11. christian advice not needed on this one folks. thus far they are 0 for 2
    since they think women are property and blacks are animals.

  12. the religious nuts are more than happy to deny gays equal rights. they
    forget it’s thier god that’s supposed to do the judging though…

  13. As a white male, I’m happy to agree with him. In a republic which started
    out allowing rights to only white males, considering blacks to be nothing
    more than property and slaves, and treating women like property and
    baby-making factories, American women pioneered the way in women’s rights,
    eventually obtaining the vote and now hold every bit as much power as men,
    if not more. Blacks came so far, and now our president is black. They are
    millionaires and role models. You’d deny gays their rights?

  14. Whether he does or not – yet again, he’s shown he’s not scared to speak
    those views which might not very popular in the USA as a whole. Before he
    was nominated, he gave a 40 minute speech in a church where he basically
    trashed passages from The Bible and got applauded! Now he’s pro gay-rights
    – which surely must be twisting the knickers of the religious right. If
    scientists are to be believed, there’s about 30 million gay votes to be had
    (10% of population) – that could be the difference.

  15. He is. We’ve had more job growth in the last few months than in the entire
    8 years of the Bush administration.

  16. Why do you keep saying that I’m insulting you? I’m not. And I did just look
    at your page. You don’t even live in America, you’re Irish, so I don’t
    understand why you care so much about American politics. I’m of Irish
    descent. It always bothers me to argue and fight with other Irish people. I
    visited Dublin when I was 16 and came away feeling that the Irish are
    ridiculously nice. Anyway, I’m no expert on Alexander. I’ve just recently
    gotten interested in him, and have only seen a few docs yet.

  17. Jobs are going away, as automation takes over. Its not more jobs we need,
    its more access to necessities. Sorry, but the monetary system is dying a
    horrible gagging death…

  18. All marriage is gay. “Honey, I swear to you that I’ll never touch another
    woman. Never, ever! Now let’s dance.”

  19. Haha,hang on,did you just watch the Colin Farrell movie Alexander?!? So
    what about at Thebes when he killed every man and enslaved 30,000 women and
    children?Burning down Persopolis? Playing a part in killing his own father?
    Having Batis tied to a chariot and dragged around a city? Massacring the
    Branchidae?Killing 80,000 civilians of the Sambastae tribe? Or when he
    asked for little boys to be provided for him to pleasure him? That isn’t
    ‘legendary victory’. That’s what I call ‘GENOCIDAL PAEDO!’

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