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  1. @MsPamAnn THEY NEED TO DRAG THAT FUCKING [[ chimp in charge ]] out of “`
    the fucking white house & try him for treason…find him guilty of high “`
    crimes including colusion & treason with Isreal, against America “` and
    hang that fuckker to death…

  2. @Whiskie11 Actually, sugarpie, that was just a story that was made up. And
    apparently you believed it. Don’t worry; someday you’ll grow up. Maybe.

  3. @JEEminn3000 Can’t see why you’re getting so angry. I’m just defending a
    defenceless group. Read the bigoted comments this video has caused, and you
    will see why I feel very strongly re. this issue. PS if you don’t like what
    people say, simply block them by visiting their channel and pressing
    “block”. You don’t have to cuss, use nasty slurs, or even fume. Easy. PS –
    even if I were a racist, you should still be civil.

  4. @bobfrombarstow you’re a retard: “alot of states forbid gay marrages, thats
    just the way it is! live with it!!” thats what a KKK confederate would say.
    You know, a lot of states forbid blacks as being citizens and having civil
    rights. Guess what would’ve happened if the Feds didn’t put their noses
    into the states business? We would still have slaves and racist bastards
    who think exactly like you. Sorry, but if it weren’t for the Feds, you’d
    probably own a slave right now retard.

  5. fucking politician are always catering to which ever audience they are
    speaking in front of. I just watched Obama say he believes marriage to be
    for a man and a woman. Politics is so frustrating.

  6. so can we get married or what he didn’t even answer the question smfh he
    keeps avoiding it !

  7. REMEMBER, I am gay too. To harass people with “gay marriage” annoyances,
    and thrown-glitter heckling, is counterproductive and makes us hated.

  8. @Tomohawwwk you’re also a retard like most on this page. Marriage is a
    legal institution in which taxes, banking, credit, income, social benefits
    and many more legal activities revolve around. but like a retard, you
    wouldn’t understand because you’re stuck under a rock dumbass.

  9. Ron Paul is not THE answer.. I think people didn’t immediatly see change
    after that Obama became president and think that changing president now
    will do the trick this time. It will absolultly not, Obama needs time for
    the mess Bush left behind and he was doing a good job. OBAMA 2012

  10. Where’s the glitter? Who says there’s no privilege in being the messiah
    from Indonesia?

  11. im not against bush, and im not for obama we were on the verge of
    depression under bush, but obama didnt do anything to pull us out the
    economy just turned around…thats y i originally posted supporting ron
    paul, i completely agree the liberals are, and will always use george bush
    as an example of y they should win..i am conservative and liberals rip
    bush…but could u even imagine what john kerry or al gore would have done
    under the circumstances bush had..i just want christie in 2016!!

  12. I cannot wait to vote Obama’s “rear end” out of office. Black people around
    the world are ashamed of him. With all of the problems that America
    has…unemployment, crime, lack of funds for education, hunger,
    homelessness, lack of healthcare for millions of Americans, wars (Iraq,
    Libya, Afghanistan,etc.), he decides to support the mentally ill gay
    people. If anything, he should be trying to create a “Department of Mental
    Health for Gays and Lesbians”, in order to cure our sick gay people.

  13. @capitandelfuego Moron maybe a better word then retard. Seems like a good
    youtube word to me. To put slaves in the same catigory as gays would be an
    insult to Aferican Americans! I don’t own a gay, they can go and come
    whenever they want. When you start name calling look in the mirror! Hey,
    they passed the bill in New York state I hope the rest of the states will
    do the same. Chill!!!

  14. here is my solution to marriage. why does the government define what
    marrige is and shove it down our throats? we should take the government out
    of marrige because that inflicts with love. i think everyone can agree with
    this, gay, straight, turtles, whatever.

  15. @iosifion go back to health class if you done know where babies come from
    and how.am.I.ignorant exactly?

  16. Not good enough. Blanket equality, or blanket abuse. There is no other
    choice. He’s a weasel.

  17. @capitandelfuego Your keeping me up! OK, slavery happen around 150 years,
    maybe more! American history!!! Gay stuff now, we live by state to state
    now. OK, I think everyone has the right to be married, no mattter what, but
    alot of states forbid gay marrages, thats just the way it is! live with
    it!! The ‘feds’ should keep they’re noses out of it!!

  18. This issue is a no brainer. Laws represent the will of the people at a
    point in time referrence. So at this point in time, a majority of citizen
    are not opposed to people of the same sex being accorded equal treatment
    under law. That being said–this position has nothing to do with the
    unchanging, immutable word of God. God ordained the institute of marriage
    -guess what–between a Man and a Woman and nothing can change that.

  19. @Tomohawwwk Your argument is completely retarded. 1)Civil Unions are not
    recognized by the federal government, so couples would not be able to file
    joint-tax returns or be eligible for tax breaks or protections the
    government affords to married couples. Again, because of DOMA, same-sex
    couples have to file single on their federal tax returns. 2) Civil Unions
    are not a legal status across the US. 3) Gays can be Christians and if they
    want a Christian marriage they shouldn’t have discrimination.

  20. @bobfrombarstow how is that a state issue? a certain identifiable group
    with no way to change this natural identifiable characteristic is being
    disallowed by the states to be married. If this was a state issue then
    slavery would also be a state issue and we all know what happens when
    states are left to deal with something…right white people?

  21. wtf ru talking about im saying government should not be influenced by
    religion….im not arguing anything im quoting the bill of rights and
    agreeing with the top comment, marriage originated from religion, murder
    did not. the govt shouldnt have a say in things that are religion

  22. @lasoogneypubes I personally believe marriage is between one man and one
    woman. But if gays want to have what they call marriage, that is thier
    buisness. All I propose is we should get the government out of marriage all
    together, because I view marriage as a private activity.

  23. so if my religious belief said that I need to kill people, would you say
    its ok to kill people and that right is protected by the first amendment?
    there are giant logical holes in your arguement

  24. @railstoruin all US citizens are free to marry, always have been.
    Mar.riage/ˈmarij/Noun 1. The formal union of a man and a woman, typically
    recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife. 2. A relationship
    between married people or the period for which it lasts. Wikipedia –
    Dictionary com – Answers com – Merriam-Webster Gay rights are bullshit,
    only individule rights, never rights for “groups” as those laws are for the

  25. Get over it people. We have better things to do like getting our economy
    back on track.

  26. Come on America wtf is this….just let them have the same rights what year
    is this? Canada knows whats up!

  27. lets see, I remember the dow was 14500 under Bush and about 6 years of a
    booming economy. The economy is far worse now. We’ve had 4 yrs of
    recession. The last year or 1/2 of Bush was in decline only, and somehow
    that equates to the entire Bush years as bad to the left wing nutter. It
    won’t sell. 4 yrs later you guys are still running against Bush. Only the
    dumbest of voters will fall for that.

  28. @iosifion A child doesn’t have to be your egg or sperm for you to be a
    parent so i can have all the kids i want you need to stfu don’t worry bout
    me and what I’m doing or our gay community are you in it ? no so sit down
    hoe !

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