45 Comments on “Obama Hits GOP Candidates on Gay Rights”

  1. Typical low information Christian…..

    Christian ceremonial matrimony has nothing to do with the civil, secular
    marriage gays enter into.

  2. Wow just wow. I never thought i’d advocate for government enforced
    sterilization, but than I read some of the comments for this video. To
    KJVEvangelist, you really do not need to breed. Seriously, cut your balls
    off or tie your tubes, which ever option applies to your respective gender,
    cause the world doesn’t need any innocent children being corrupted by sick
    monsters like you.
    p.s. go with Christ 🙂

    To Ethan C: Thank you so much for saying what you said. It really touches
    my heart that their are straight people like you out there who stand up to

  3. Oh that sounds really nice doesn’t it? Why shoud I believe you? What moral
    compass beside your own SELF do you have when rejecting the Holy Word?
    Whether you are homosexual or not, you are infantile and predictably trying
    to add weight to your argument. But, regardless, you are still arguing to
    reduce holy matrimony to the disgusting level of anal sodomy. I would
    suggest not having sex with human excrement or the source of it. Sorry if
    you consider that cruel. To me it is basic hygeine.

  4. Why should anyone care what you think? You lack the good sense to even
    distinguish the lower end of a male digestive tract from a female
    reproductive organ. You are one sick and disgusting human being.

  5. If you’re insinuating that I’m gay, you’d be very incorrect. I simply
    believe that marriage is a human right, not a heterosexual privilege. Gay
    people have the same desire to marry their significant other that you and I
    have, and denying them that is just cruel.

  6. Proof a sinfully reprobate mind is a lost, darkened and confused mind. What
    if I told you that you were going to Atlanta, Georgia. What would you think
    if an instant later I told you that Atlanta didn’t exist? I firmly believe
    that homosexuality results from possession by unclean spirits.

  7. this fucking sonofabitch-cock-sucking idiot obama will say anything to get
    re-elected. btw, im not an american. it just make me sick 2 my stomach
    everytime i hear his bullshit !!

  8. irvgaddi21 you are a degenerate and a bigot and it’s people like you that
    give our country a bad name.

  9. Hate to bust the KJV bubble but do your research. King James was gay. His
    council was told how many young men could be held at one time for his
    pleasure. Just a fact, I didn’t do it. Gays and Lesbians deserve everything
    anyone else gets. But with divorce rate at over 50% most homosexuals, being
    smarter than the typical breeder, don’t desire to be married. But do
    deserve the right.

  10. I’d just like to say that your comment is based on the assumption that
    Obama is promoting homosexual relationships, which he is not. He is rather
    supporting the freedom of homosexual relationships, which are two different
    things. Get a higher level education before you decide to comment, please.

  11. He’s flip flopped on several issues. And he doesn’t have to own anything to
    outsource. It’s the fact that he’s for outsourcing and would continue to
    support it in his presidency.

  12. Obama doesn’t give a shit about gay rights. Don’t believe this nonsense.
    The ONLY issue that Obama thinks the States should have the final say on is
    gay marriage. That’s it. That’s LITERALLY the only issue where he believes
    in states rights over federal power. Why is this do you think? Its so he
    can avoid ever signing his name to a gay marriage bill. HE DOES NOT WANT TO
    LEGALIZE GAY MARRIAGE. Dont you people understand this? If he did, he would
    DO IT, not “leave it up to the states”

  13. i wouldve voted for mitt for the money problem,but man i disagree with
    everything he believes in.so whats worst getting into debt or having your
    rights taken away?

  14. Jesus doesn’t rule America, sunshine. You yanks really are as stupid as the
    stereotypes, aren’t you?

  15. And you have the pride in your country enough to post it on your Channel,
    or do you have no pride in it? It was not too difficult to find out what it
    was anyway. Would “mad militarism” include our efforts in World War II?

  16. Also why is paedobaptism bringing up the definition of marriage, does
    he/she not have any concept of morals that he needs a script? I know why
    I’m for the things I’m for and why I’m against the things I’m against, not
    because I follow definitions word by word but because I have a heart.

  17. Even if he was trust worthy, I still wouldn’t have voted for him due to his
    outsourcing to China.

  18. 7 percent must be only gays who see this gay issue as a top priority in
    november vote for bush lets see if we can get a straight leader a 3rd term
    that will be the day

  19. I agree but why use the word “faggot”… you say it’s not a shame to be gay
    and then use homophobic language. That’s like saying “It’s not a shame to
    be black, you niggers”. Be nice!

  20. Religion has been on the forefront bigotry since humans were intelligent
    enough to question. KJVEvangelist is a prime example of the cancer that is
    religion. His own bible teaches him that his god created all of us with a
    choice and gave us free will but he ignores his own religion and would
    impose it on others despite our constitution protection from it. Religion
    is the leading cause of genocide, rape, hate etc. So to him I say…”FUCK

  21. Pop of you socialistic corporate lover puppet asshole, I am tired of your
    floppin rhetorical speeches, Randy Bender porch monkey professional actor,
    you should not win a Nobel Prize, you should have won a Jewish Oscar for
    the best role in the main role of the government and increasing taxes,
    removing personal rights and building a barrier for the freedom of speech.
    RON PAUL 2012, 2016, 2020 FTW.

  22. we were never a ‘nation under god’ until the 1950s when Joseph McCarthy and
    his ilk had the whole goddamn population scared that Russia was going to
    run across the ocean and start a war…the idea of ‘god’ was something to
    make us different than the Soviets….previous money and books had no ‘god’
    on them

  23. People are going to hell alright, but it’s not gay people. It’s people like
    you that will be going to hell. I don’t believe in hell, but if it does
    exist, there is a special place in hell for people like you.

  24. wrecking the country because gay people cannot reproduce? We got many
    people in this country as it is, and gay folks don’t mean no more straight

  25. It’s funny how people say he’s promoting homosexual relationships like it’s
    something people can just get along the way and not born with. God didn’t
    make people so they can judge his creation. Get over it.

  26. Why are white people in every white country not allowed to say no to mass
    immigration and “assimilation” like all the non-white countries do? Don`t
    you think white people should be allowed to discuss this genocide agenda?
    This is why so many say “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”.

  27. And you’d rather give up your vote to private industry and keep getting
    fatter, more unhealthy, less educated and have christianity shoved down
    your throat. SOUNDS AMAZING!!! WHERE DO I SIGN UP!? Immigration and
    birthrate affect population. This country was founded on immigration and
    will continue to allow immigrants. So what can we control? BIRTHS!

  28. God did not set a man and and man on the earth he set a man and women does
    that say. Something? NO GAY RIGHTS

  29. If mitt Romney wasn’t such an untrustworthy character (I suppose it does
    matter to us people) he could of had a chance with the electoral votes and
    I wouldn’t mind him becoming the next President.

  30. @Maddnessmusicx Christ rules the world, weather you like it or not. I
    believe God has chosen to harden many men’s heart. That means God is
    letting men follow their own sinful desires. If there is no repentance of
    sin and belief in Christ perfect work of atonement all shall justly perish.

  31. dracco73 Just because the hate mongers happen to Christian doesn’t mean
    that it’s Christianity’s fault. It’s stereotypical to blame an entire
    religion just as they blame the entire gay community. You’re no better than
    the degenerates.

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