27 Comments on “Obama On Leno in favor of Homosexual propaganda to Russian kids”

  1. @ΠαραπολιτικόςΤηλέτυπος
    Most Russians want to leave their freaking country except their dictators,
    the russian mafia and the orthodox church mafia. It s a backward medieval
    country, which fortunately Greece is NOT, to your dismay I suppose. And the
    bible quotes a 1000 things that are absurd and that you DON’T follow, so
    cut the crap about Adam and Steve and dogs. We re talking about people.

  2. Russia will not last very long. It’s an exceedingly weak country, only
    getting weaker. No country that polices morality lasts, especially in this
    day in age.

  3. Russia doesn’t care what the west thinks and more power to them. The
    majority of Russians don’t agree homosexuality. To them a couple of faggots
    kissing in public is barbarism. Your so called “Equality” will never be
    reached in Russia

  4. Lol fucking liars. Making it seem like fags are being rounded up and
    gassed. They banned promotion of homosexuality to kids not banning
    homosexuality itself. HUUUUUGE difference

  5. When I hear a Russian accent in my country (Canada), I spit on them or
    treat them like shit. Russian people are an embarrassment to the human
    race. History will be unforgiving to their bigotry and treatment of
    homosexuals. I have no patience for Russians. They are sick.

  6. hahaha… there is a constant steady stream of people trying SO HARD to
    move to western countries. That says everything. People want to immigrate
    to the West. Who the hell wants to immigrate to a corrupt, backward,
    homophobic, country like Russia? Every day Russians are becoming more and
    more of a joke.

  7. Russia now has more money, but they are still animals. I don’t know why
    modern countries ever believed that Russian was somehow respectable. They
    are pigs. They can get rich, but they can never be a great nation. They can
    have a great economy, but they will always be animals, beating down their
    own people. You can dress up a pig, and it is still a pig.

  8. history? homos is not black, racism makes no sense so homos. Russia will
    suffer for this? they ban homo to make sure they don’t suffer. make sure
    you don’t forget equality for every person include people who want to marry
    what/who they want. Russia made the best move that will save them for
    social & eventually moral collapse like countries that legalized homo
    marriage are suffering

  9. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. You need to get out of
    your box and open up your eyes. What about all the African countries? What
    about all the countries in the Arab world. Saudi is doing pretty damn good
    and they even have a special police force that enforces morals. Gays can
    even be executed there. How about Indonesia? Besides Russia you should take
    a closer look at other Eastern European nations. Ukraine Bulgaria Slovakia
    and many others do not tolerate gays either

  10. Marriage is the union between adam and ev e, not adam and steve and their

  11. -Public Debt per russian 500 dollars. Per capita income 20 000. -Public
    Debt per American 55 000 dollars(officially , unoffically more than 150
    000).. Per capita income 45 000. Say what again?

  12. keep up the good work Russia, don’t listen to Obama he is a hypocrite who
    is happy to talk about gay discrimination but not about the kids he has
    killed with his drone strikes.

  13. I am not familiar with current conditions in Russia. I will say one thing
    though. I am very grateful to Mr. Putin for stopping the United States from
    going to war with Syria.

  14. Type in It get’s better in your youtube search and find out how important
    this is. Talking about homosexuality saves lives!

  15. I’m trying to figure out if you are pretending to be stupid WINDYSTAIRS7vHH
    or if you really are completely stupid in real life? Every country that has
    legalised gay marriage and treated ALL their citizens with respect are
    wonderful, great nations. Russia, on the other hand, is still corrupt,
    backward, and a joke. No one ever can ever be proud of being Russian —
    especially now. Please don’t travel to the West — we now look down on your
    country because of how you treat your citizens.

  16. China & Russia are taking steps to be great while countries like USA are
    perishing because they lost the sense of morality; stop blaming Russian
    from reacting, they are defending themselves from homo attempt in
    destroying every good thing they found; I want to visit Russia and find a
    woman and her husband holding hand while watching their kids playing at
    park not two men or two women fighting against nature, that will always
    remind them that homos is immoral and unnatural

  17. It has nothing to do with legalizing gay marriages, moron. The western
    world didn’t have the plague of communism grinding their economies into
    dust for 70 years. How the hell do you imagine Russia catching up to
    western standards of living in only 2 measly decades? It’s impossible. But
    the western world is being annihilated by massive third world immigration.
    If nothing is done, there is not going to be any western world in a century
    or so.

  18. You are wrong, idiot. The west will ALWAYS prevail. And fair and just
    treatment of ALL citizens will prevail. Soon you will die, and you will
    take all of your awfulness and bigotry to the grave. A new generation will
    continue to rise up that embraces more of the values of the WEST: FREEDOM
    ALWAYS win because good eventually always prevails over evil. You are a
    sick man. We await your death.

  19. Russia will suffer for this. History will be unforgiving. Evil has tricked
    the religious into believing it is a god. Gays and Lesbians are ultimately
    made stronger by such bigotry. Love and Equality will always triumph over
    barbarism. Russia has forever linked itself to Nazism! Once equality is
    reached among all the peoples of Russia the stain of discrimination is upon
    the people and culture forever. The Russian government is a place of
    foolish men and doomsday cults!

  20. None really cares about fags in Russia. ..or Obama.

  21. Your narrow view of Nature and reality is no doubt from a biblical
    perspective. Reality is not what bronze age religions say it is, often
    actually the opposite is true. God is not Conan the barbarian, a
    warmongering racist enslaver or homophobic monster, GOD IS LOVE. We don’t
    write Nature’s diverse rules ourselves, Cosmic Father does that. THIS IS
    REALITY, WE ARE ALL HERE TOGETHER. God was never a man or zombie either.
    You must be brave and grow up. Indoctrination has poisoned your heart &

  22. does russia not have the right to have their own ideals…..with
    collapsing birth rates across the west and in russia is it wrong to create
    an environment where children and marriage is valued and appreciated…why
    would russia want to follow the west which is becoming increasingly old
    and irrelevant with crumbling families, communities and eventually
    collapsing economies.

  23. Κι επειδη η λεξη κιναιδος ειναι αρχαια και εσυ δεν ξερεις τι σημαινει, να
    μη τη χρησιμοποιεις. Ουγκ;

  24. Βλεπω οτι ο νους σου ειναι στο πέος συνεχεια. Τι ζορια τραβας και συ
    υπαναπτυκτε ιθαγενη. Η Ρωσια ειναι τοσο πλουσια και ευτυχισμενη που οι
    ρωσιδες ειναι ή καθαριστριες ή πουτανες στο εξωτερικο. Και φυσικα
    υποδεχεται μεταναστες. Φτωχοτερες χωρες απ τη Ρωσια υπαρχουν. Ευτυχως οχι η
    Ελλαδα αν και με τετοια βληματα που την κατοικουν… Τις θεωριες σου τραβα
    να τις πεις στα αγραμματα χρυσαυγιτακια, οχι σε διεθνη φόρα, για να βλεπουν
    οι ξενοι ποσο πιθηκος εισαι. Αντε τραβα να παρεις και την πολη
    τωρα…τζαμπα τα βλεπεις τα τουρκικα;

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