18 Comments on “Obama Signs Hate Crimes Bill: “Another Step Forward In Creating A More Perfect Union””

  1. I’m mostly just bothered by the hypocrisy of the right wing trying to block
    the addition of sexual orientation to a law that’s already in effect. If
    they really cared, they would argue to revoke these laws entirely, but they
    only made a fuss when it came to adding sexual minorities (and, let’s not
    forget, people with disabilities). So yes, I’m perfectly fine with the new
    language. Even if you don’t like the law, at least the new language makes
    it more egalitarian.

  2. I believe it is racist to single someone out BECAUSE of their color. We
    should be blind to skin color and concentrate more on character and
    potential. If a white kid is beaten by black kids because of his race, why
    isn’t the crime the same as if a black kid is beaten by white kids because
    of his race?

  3. They don’t give two shits about the queers – they want to work in their
    politcal agenda through the bill… How did they slip this one by everyone
    – when did it pass?? And what Dem’s voted in down – & what Rep’s voted for

  4. Where were you 40 years ago when this law went into effect? Since 1969, the
    exact same language has existed addressing crimes based on race, national
    origin, and religion. Oh, that’s right, you’re OK with special rights for
    Christians but not gays.

  5. Are gays not white, black, asian, etc? These laws are purely political,
    defense of marriage act type laws are purely political too so don’t think
    I’m coming from that angle. This is taxpayer dollars of mine that are being
    wasted and I reject that. Not just mine, everyone’s taxes. Endorsement of
    feel good policies that accomplish nothing, in fact a lot of times makes
    things worst needs to stop. This doesn’t end any significant issues for gay
    men and women. It’s kabuki.

  6. Well, actually, whites are protected and have been since 1969 (the law only
    refers to “race”, not “minority race”). I honestly could probably be
    convinced either way as to whether hate-crime legislation is useful or just
    in American society; I’m just amused that the religious fundamentalist
    groups are so upset about such a minor update to the law simply because it
    addresses sexuality.

  7. Will this Hate Crimes bill cover young white teens who are beaten up on a
    bus by several black teens who don’t like white people?

  8. If adding one more special group makes a law more egalitarian because it
    now encompasses more people than before then I see your point. Why not add
    a provision where crimes against whites by minorities, gays or (insert any
    pet group of liberals here) is considered a hate crime also? The answer is
    because there are no political points to be scored from such legislation.
    That’s all this amounts to. That’s why conservatives reject these bills.
    They are meaningless and only promote favoritism.

  9. I agree that we should be “color blind” and treat everyone the same; it is
    the only just way to even approach equallity. I was kidding/sarcasm in my
    comment above.

  10. Canada has walked down this very dreadful path. It effectively means that
    some people are more important than others. Example: It is now a federal
    crime to beat up a homosexual because he is gay but not a crime to rape a
    woman because she is a woman. Such short term, absolutely sick thinking by
    Obama et al.

  11. No, I’m not comfortable with ANY special provisions being made for ANY
    group. I’m saddened to see that you’re perfectly fine with the hypocrisy of
    your argument. Go beat up some white women this weekend and rejoice that
    you’ve won!

  12. Wake up people!!!! Stop all the senseless bickering over Black and White!!!
    You’re falling for a big deception!!! This battle is not about flesh and
    blood — It’s your very SOUL that’s at stake!!! You can laugh, mock, give
    me thumbs down and send me nasty messages all you want, but I PROMISE YOU,

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