16 Comments on “Oil, Wealth and Blood”

  1. it’s all about maintaining white supremacy. the white supremacists have
    wealth and power which comes from controlling nonwhite people. If they
    really want oil that bad why not get it/or invade norway? imagine seeing
    white kids and entire white families going through what iraqi familes are
    going through but you won’t see that. Nowhere in the world there’s a
    violence/slaughter happening of white peoples but white armies are all over
    the world. Ask yourself why?Nonwhite people are doing all the killing/dying
    while whites are profiting right before our eyes. It’s not oil, religion,
    etc it’s white supremacy!

  2. The US has refused requests by Shi’ite president Nuri Al Maliki to bomb
    ISIS militia, due to their possible fears of how organised ISIS are (as a
    result of sudden and massive desertions of Iraqi troops) and how they will
    react to the bombings; working out their “need to know basis” about ISIS
    successful operations – past and recent.

    It is true, that ISIS (of whom most are former so-called insurgents – the
    real underground resistance fighting for the “liberation”of Iraq) are not
    affiliated with any CIA/MI5/DGSE/Mossad funded puppet terrorist

    Last week there were reports that a Kurdish judge who sentenced Saddam
    Hussein to be hanged, was found (by ISIS militias, during their 2014
    Northern Iraq offensive), arrested and then a couple of days later, was
    executed by ISIS militias.

  3. The wars are not about oil, pipelines, resources or even money (these
    peoples and the entities they are working for have infinite amount of
    wealth, and there is NO shortage of oil and other energy sources). Yes they
    want to uphold the PETRO-DOLLAR.
    The wars are NOT about PROFITS, they are about PROPHETS.
    Meaning that the goal and purpose of this war is SPIRITUAL. The Spiritual
    enslavement of mankind, the Talmudic Satanic domination of the Earth and
    Gods Work. Money (the capital sin of USURY), Oil (the Devil’s Excrement),
    Greed (glutiny), Wars, Sexual perversion, Social and Cultural
    Manipulations, are just methods to draw peoples to loose their oral and
    spitual compass.
    The Synagogue of Satan is collecting OUR SOULS, a thing infinitely more
    worth than paper dollars or earthly richess

  4. I support my sunni brothers in iraq in their struggle against the puppet
    shiite government of maliki. Saddam hussein was sunni, gaddafi as well was
    sunni. Both of them killed by the west

  5. Busted the US government trained Isis on a secret government base in
    Jordan. Every terrorist attack the US government has played a hand in these
    attacks. There have been multiple reports about this..Go to YouTube search
    in just type in Busted the US government trained Isis in Jordan. 

  6. Go to YouTube type in Busted the US government trained Isis in Jordan. On a
    secret government they have already done a story about it.Again every
    terrorist attack anywhere on earth the US government has played a had in
    these attacks. 

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