38 Comments on “Olsen: Gay Rights Lead To God’s Judgment”

  1. “We are under judgment. Do you know how many of the denominations now are
    suddenly saying, ‘Oh ok we think it’s ok now to have gay marriage, we think
    it’s ok to have gay preachers, we think it’s ok.’ Whole denominations! The
    Episcopalians fell off the planet, they think it’s ok to have gay priests.
    We’ve got other groups, one of the Presbyterians, they’re looking at
    voting, we’ve got other ones, they’re all of the sudden going, ‘Oh in the
    name of tolerance,’ and they’re forgetting God’s word completely in whole

    You know what, God is not one that’s gonna wink at sin, He will come and
    shake at everything that can be shaken. God is a God of judgment, He is. If
    we think we’re not gonna be judged…He judged Israel? Are we better than
    that? And sometimes I think we think we are, but we’re not. And God is
    shaking. If anybody looks at the news and has just seen what’s been
    happening recently with the floods, the fires, the tornadoes, God is
    shaking. Yeah I think you have God shaking, sure you have the Enemy
    shaking, you have both and I don’t want to say oh that’s the judgment of
    God or that’s the Enemy. But the reality is God is judging us, and I think
    it’s going to get worse.”

  2. the only people forgetting God’s mercy are those who are offended by HIS
    WORD and fail to realize they need mercy to their account for sinful deeds,
    eh?. Mercy is not without conviction or what’s the point of mercy.
    Homosexuality is no bigger a sin than any heterosexual man’s thieving or
    murderous ways. Still, homosexuality is a sin and so with mercy always
    before me I say stop sinning so we can remember why we need mercy. They’re
    forgetting God’s Word completely about repentance, eh?

  3. “There is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands;
    there is no one who seeks God. All have turned away, they have together
    become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one.”[b] Romans

  4. @Anonymesse Probly exactly what some of these far right god botherers
    believe. Morons.

  5. The Church of Jesus Christ is not under the Old Covenant made with the
    Jewish nation under the leadership of Moses. We are under the New Covenant
    whom Jesus or Lord instituted with His own precious blood on the cross, not
    only for our sins but for yours, and the whole world. Read the New

  6. after rick perry had his giant prayer session the DOW dropped
    significantly, there was a hurricane, and there was an earthquake. it looks
    like your god really seems to have a problem with praying and public
    christian events. maybe you should cut that shit out. appease him or

  7. @avdmeers – Mmmmm … Bear rape. The very idea of being raped by a bear …
    it just gets me all wet … Mmmmmmm …

  8. @TMBrd89 do your fucking research on the AIDS epidemic in the gay
    community, and how they actively do not use protection. AIDS is passed
    along in the most numbers, highest ratio and the fastest rate in the gay
    male community especially in NA now go eat shit and die you liberal commie

  9. Romans 1:24-27 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the
    lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between
    themselves: For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even
    their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
    And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in
    their lust one toward another;

  10. Hey thunder thighs, didn’t god say something against gluttony. God is
    judging you every time you buy bigger jeans.

  11. There is no arguing with these types. Number one, they believe that “God’s
    Word is the Truth”, and that this type of reasoning is absolute. Any form
    of humanist thinking is a deviation from God’s Word®. What’s even sadder is
    they channel their own bigotry through scripture, particularly Old
    Testament. These folks are more concerned with sin & salvation than
    altruism, perhaps obsessed.

  12. @mongolkid69 You are talking out of your ass. “… has shown that a
    15-point lower IQ meant people had a 20% less chance of seeing their 76th
    birthday.” (R Artmann Psy PhD., Scottland ) 2006 “The relationship between
    IQ and income is somewhat correlated; in general, people with higher IQs
    make more money.” (Lisa Wade, Sociological images) Not very smart are you?

  13. White Christians are so stupid! They idolize their bible and say the book
    is 100% true and based on God Laws, yet they pick and choose what they want
    to follow and forget about 95% of the rest. They’ve chosen the few laws
    that suit their needs and discriminates everyone else. Fucking idiots!

  14. Wow, you and all your kind are a disgrace to the human race. IF there is a
    god I bet he didn’t want you all to be judgmental pricks. Tolerance is a
    “live and let live” mentality, but you people are too stupid to accept it.
    Sod off and let us live and let live.

  15. @SakuraRuroni The prophets all spoke about the Lord coming for HIS Bride.
    Not HIS husband lol That is a natural union and the apostles spoke wisdom
    towards husbands and wives in dealing with one another so that through the
    prophets they would find inspiration on godly marriage through the HEAD of
    the Church “Christ”. The LAW condemns sin, through repentance we have
    freedom from condemnation in Christ Jesus our Lord . Jesus said “I haven’t
    come to do away with the LAW but I’ve come to fulfill it

  16. First, she says god will come like hot molten lava. Now she says he’ll
    shake everything that can be shaken. She sounds like a sexually repressed

  17. @WEWILLSECURE No. Idiots with no self-esteem, anger-management or people
    skills try to shout everyone else down. There’s a line in the buybull about
    the “still, quiet voice of god”. Perhaps you should try that if you really
    are the second coming. Or maybe you just need to TAKE YOUR FUCKING MEDS!!!!!

  18. As EntinludeX said, if this woman truly read and obeyed what her bible
    demands of her, she would be sitting in the pews and silent as a mouse.
    According to the bible, a woman must be quiet, submissive and can never
    have authority or teach over a man.

  19. @mongolkid69 Wow, YOU made the correlation that IQ decreases longevity.
    Then tell me that I am the one excluding additional factors? Wow Then
    suggest a book that disagrees with YOUR assertion that IQ decreases
    longevity. As proof, that I am wrong? Do you know what you are arguing
    here? You don’t even know the purpose of the book. It was to explain how
    macro-enviromental changes lead to these “outliers” not individual traits.
    Wow, maybe you should try again.

  20. “They’re forgetting God’s word completely”, eh? Let’s look at God’s word,
    then: “Because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not
    been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment.” James 2:13, NIV. You might
    also want to take another look at what the prophets said when they judged
    Israel: they never mentioned homosexuality, but they did talk a lot about
    how shoddily the leadership dealt with widows, orphans, and the poor. Sound

  21. If you go near a church while menstruating… its also a sin. if you eat
    shrimp… its a sin. Read the whole thing, don’t just treat the bible as a
    terms of service agreement, scroll to the bottom and click “I agree”.

  22. Natural disasters are punishment for gay marriage? Then why does the bible
    belt usually seem the hardest hit? Here in Texas, gay marriage is illegal,
    our governor had a prayer rally and prayed for rain, and now our state is
    on fire. Guess their God’s aim is off.

  23. Bullshit !!!! To say that God(whatever that is) will “punish” America
    because of gay marriage is idiotic . This woman is a bigoted asshole and
    brainless little sack of shit ! You think God would favor us if we just did
    what a lot of homophobic bigots want and executed them ? If so, you don’t
    even have shit for brains !

  24. @WEWILLSECURE – Why is this WOMAN speaking in the CHURCH? You should be
    DENOUNCING her for it! Women aren’t supposed to speak in the church! It’s
    an abomination before god!

  25. A shake’n and shake’n like a quake. . . when god is not flow’n and flow’n
    like lava. . . So this god, who has not appeared in thousands of years, is
    now upset because a few churches in the US vote in favor of gays? Are we
    really to believe that, after all this time, couch potato god is pissed?
    That he paused the best part of the Ben Hur video and gout off his cosmic
    couch to judge us? LOL. . .

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