4 Comments on “Olympians weigh in on boycotting Sochi Olympics”

  1. Boycotting never accomplished anything? Hmmm, I guess all that fuss over
    Apartheid, South Africa and the related boycotts didn’t accomplish
    anything. It is so great when athletes decide our social policy!!!!
    Remember the 1936 Olympics and the Canadian Olympic team giving the old
    Nazi salute!!! Hooray the Olympics!! Hooray for the athletes!!!

  2. Athletes have vested interest in competing at the Olympics, so unless there
    is a decision on a state-level about boycotting such an event, it’s
    unlikely that many athletes will publicly boycott it. Unfortunately, it’s a
    very difficult action to organize on such a short notice… But I don’t
    think that it’s a bad idea, since boycott of Apartheid regime is considered
    to have contributed to its downfall, and boycott of Israel is slowly
    increasing the pressure on Israeli government.

  3. There are still many countries out there that don’t like you people not
    just RUSSIA 

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