27 Comments on “Olympics Put Gay Rights in Russia in Spotlight”

  1. I am just so happy that I am Russian otherwise I would of been so ashamed
    and angry at myself. Can’t believe things like this are happening in a
    European country. But then again I am not surprised that it is happening in
    Russian such a corrupted country. They should of be ashamed of themselves. 

  2. All these sodomites kicking up a fuss about Russia’s laws on faggotry
    propaganda should go and try living in Iran or Uganda instead. Russia is
    practically pro-shitstabber by comparison.

  3. Not that anyone would want him, but Putin should be gay gang-banged since
    he obviously wants it. Classic homophobe, hating what he sees in himself.

  4. When my son was in grade 4, he came home one day with photocopied drawings
    of male & female genitalia after being taught the mechanics of sex by his
    school teacher. He became unusually quiet for two weeks, disliking hugs
    while trying to process what only *I* should have told him, when *I* saw he
    was ready. *BUT* I can only imagine how much worse he would have been if
    he’d been taught the mechanics of *gay sex*, too! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Indeed,
    leave kids out of it!

  5. .. dont think these freaks dont exist as they r trying 2 push their fag n
    lezzy agenda on u.

  6. I from Russia. Them took away in police not because of that that they are
    Gays. Simply the action was uncoordinated. For illegal actions. Wrote out a
    penalty of $30 and released home. =))) Don’t worry about the Russian gays
    they normally feel.

  7. Russia is a backwards joke. Putin is such a moron. What a disgusting piece
    of filth he is. 

  8. Putin is sick, he needs to die! And so does every russian hater! NO MERCY.
    Kill people who spread anger! They are disgusting!!!

  9. Typical gay freaks trying 2 make ppl like them. They r wackjobs. Next group
    of freaks 2 whine 4 acceptance will b adult biological siblings who fk each
    other. Then adult bio kids who fk their parents and want society to like
    them. Then the pedophiles. Then the pet fkrs. And dont think rhese Too bad
    so many ppl r fooled by these

  10. Russia is a demented, evil police-state.
    It’s a bleak, cold, depressing shit hole.
    It’s basically just a land of chimney stacks, radioactive wastelands,
    and concrete apartments rising up from the snow.
    It’s political leaders have a mind-set from the middle ages.
    And the nation’s tormented, traumatic, and repressed history lurks beneath
    and bolsters an archaic, Orwellian political landscape with few means of
    My heart goes out to all the gays and lesbians in Russia.

  11. Russia greatest country in world! Russia have great public policy like
    Nigeria,Zimbabwe and many other country.

  12. homo sexual use anything to push there agenda dragging sports into the
    sexual activity in the pricey of the home is an absolutist disgrace
    verging on a crime against humanity ,because of there agenda songs like
    flaming star when i hear is i think of homosexuals not a not the tragedy of
    a once great person return home to the normality of life & the struggles
    they face ,these protesters force by there actions there sexual activities
    & morals on others

  13. I think we should put all the gay promoters in the spotlight, as in under a
    big magnifying glass with a strong power/heat source. I’m tired of their

  14. “Taken away by police….”, likely never to be seen again.Putin is now
    desperately trying to appear ‘gay friendly’ by claiming to have gay friends
    with whom he gets along with.Yeah right,of course he has……& I’ve got a
    12 inch dick!

  15. yeah, its not a natural thing to act homosexually, the parts were made for
    each other, and they are opposite parts at that, biblically we are told NOT
    TO LAY DOWN with same sex, the act itself is to have children, and that is
    pleasing to GOD, lets start pleasing God again, and stop acting as if this
    whole homosexual thing is okay or even right.

  16. Эй вы, американские черти! В первую очередь народ России поддерживает
    законы против пидарасов и нам насрать на ваше иностранное мнение об этом!
    Не суйте свой нос в наши дела!!!

  17. Путин В В не будь януковичем пошли на куй всех геев ЗАЕПАЛИ ТОШНИТ УЖЕ

  18. достали уже эти геи вот делать им нечего как будто 

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