26 Comments on “Oprah gay marriage (part 1 of 5) – 1991”

  1. Oprah should make a show inviting these people back and see if the opinions
    of those opposing have changed and also to know if the men finally got

  2. Two nice people that posted their civil union in the marriage section. One
    of the only problems I see here is a miscategorization since a marriage
    didn’t take place.

  3. I am amazed this was discussed during this era. I thought it was something
    started during the Clinton era.

  4. Ain’t it funny…..This is now 23 years old.

    Sometimes it seems like nothing has ever changed…..I thought it had
    changed and gotten better, And then I look at the comments here, and think

  5. Her stepmom commented on the media mogul’s relationship with partner
    Stedman Graham — which she said is more about “shared secrets” than love —
    and Oprah’s much talked-about friendship with Gayle King, which she labels
    “bizarre” and “unhealthy.”

  6. Where would I be if if was nit for Oprah winfrey?!?! Probably dead. Thank
    you god for letting her be born in my lifetime. Thank you. It was a true
    blessing. Amen

  7. This is incredibly progressive given the time. Whether you love Oprah or
    hate her, you cannot deny the good she has done for LGBT peoples.

  8. I’m not the biggest fan or Oprah. However, I realize she is a great
    supporter of the LGBT community and I’m proud to watch this video today.

  9. Thanks for posting this. Even with the recent DOMA and Prop 8 cases, and
    marriage equality in several states, it’s amazing how little things have
    really changed, especially in reference to the comments of several of the
    studio audience.

  10. I take my hat off to anyone who was willing to discuss the matter,
    particularly those that are gay, in a time that was difficult just to live

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