43 Comments on “O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham Clash in Gay Marriage Debate”

  1. Wow anyone who can manage to come across as an idiot while they are next to
    Oreilly has to be pretty dumb.. 

  2. What’s amazing to me is that they would let this idiot on the air, saying
    the PREPOSTEROUS things he did, UNABLE to even allow his guest to speak and
    finish a single sentence. He acts like a NINE year old who got his snickers
    taken away. What a moron!

  3. Oreilly is a moron! When do you guys switch him off?
    and when you are busy doing the right thing, close fox all together!
    The stuff what all the stepford wives of FOX tv and these rude right wing
    idiots are telling on this channel is crazy!

  4. She was a very weak debater. She fell apart very quickly, she held herself
    very poorly, and she showed defeat on her face rather quickly. Bravo

  5. No. Marriage was around way before the bible. The bible talks about HOLY

  6. On the issue of gay rights, Republicans stand with a crowd of “Whites Only”
    Southerners throwing tomatoes at black schoolchildren trying to enter a
    school in 1954– and history will remember them just as badly.

  7. Why won’t he ever let her speak? Goodness, he’s afraid to lose the argument
    so he tries to interrupt her whenever she begins to raise a good point.

  8. I Despise O’Reilly and his point of view on the world. I think he’s an
    ignorant, robotic, unfair man. But he’s talking sense by saying you can’t
    use the Bible to oppose gay marriage…

    I can;t believe I agree with him, BUT, only on that surface view.

    That’s about all we’d agree on. He would most likely go on to oppose gay
    marriage whereas I don’t.

  9. Bill actually had some decent things to say. This chic was a dumb cunt.
    Bill was exactly right all theyre doing to counter pro gay marriage
    arguments is cite the bible and the bible might be the rulebook for you but
    it doesnt have any say in thw court.

  10. dam…….oreily killed laura ingram….im shocked at how weak she is
    against bill oreily

  11. You guys crying about separation between church and state need to realize
    that at the end of the day this will come down to voters and Christianity
    is the most claimed religion among voters and many Christians (as myself)
    will vote against what the Bible considers wrong so in essence there’s
    never gonna be a complete separation between church and state

  12. O’Reilly, while still spouting bullshit all of the time, isn’t quite as
    ridiculous as most people think.

  13. wOW…..I agree with bill….Holy Shats! Well at least that you cant cite
    the bible in the argument. I believe in gay marriage

  14. That’s Mr Homosexual to you ! Marriage is a federal contract . Period. This
    country was founded on the premise of separation of church and state. (You
    don’t call us homos, we won’t call you ignorant redneck).

  15. The Bible also says you can’t eat shellfish. So can people who eat
    shellfish not get married either?

  16. O’Reilly is a christian claiming he knows what morality is, while on his
    show he’s demanding he may finish his sentence while he thinks he can
    interrupt his guest whenever he wants. How anybody like such an arrogant

  17. If you live in America your argument is invalid there should be a
    separation between church and State, why can’t you understand that?

  18. It’s sad that gays don’t understand that men and woman are supposed to get
    married. A priest marries a couple while holding a bible… In the bible it
    talks about how only a man and woman can get married? Like what do you
    homos understand about that? You can get married but it won’t truly be
    marriage it will be a civil union.

  19. Lol her point is “We’re butthurt because you called us bible thumpers and
    that is mean” Go cry somewhere else

  20. Not really, marriage predates the theologies that exist today. And most
    extinct ones. Its a tradition that was commandeered. I was pointing out the
    hypocrisy not the validity of the comment.

  21. What bible thumpers don’t understand is that for most of the world the
    bible is fucking meaningless and not fucking worth the paper it’s printed
    on. Homosexuals can get married at courts or at churches that support it
    (non-Christian churches). Deal with it.

  22. We got rid of slavery despite The Bible’s teachings; we’ll get rid of this
    inequality, too.

  23. Did he say ‘fuck the bible’? or ‘thump’ the bible? Either way, this entire
    argument is bogus. In a FREE country, people should have the FREEDOM to
    marry whoever they want. If Christians don’t like it, I suggest they pack
    their bags and move to TX or, better yet, move to MARS or ask God to beam
    them up to Heaven, so the rest of rational society can exist in harmony. 

  24. +jazzfan5000 Christianity is dying fast, I’m a youth and its people like
    you that are causing the collapse of Christianity. I hate to tell you but
    the Church won’t be around in 50 years and your the reason why. The youth
    sees the churches as hateful institutions, and let me draw a comparison.
    The Mormon Church up until the late 1900’s I believe the 80’s thought that
    black people were going to hell, that they were agents of the devil and
    treated them badly, the Mormon church collapsed everywhere outside of Utah
    because the public saw that they were fucked up. Just like now Christians
    think that Gays are going to hell and deny them political equality so the
    Churches are collapsing. My understand is only 3-5 percent of Catholic
    youths still attend. Now I’m from Pennsylvania and I’m a Quaker we believe
    that Gays deserve right, we believe in equality, we support abolition to
    slavery when people were using the bible to support slavery. Our numbers
    are not dropping in Philly we are 300,000 and are growing in percent of the
    city. Now question why your Church is most likely dropping in percent and
    is collapsing. People like you.

  25. You clearly haven’t read the bible if you think that the bible defines
    marriage as solely between a man and a woman. The bible defines marriage as
    man and woman, man and several women(polygamy), a rapist and his victim
    (after paying 50 pieces of silver to her father of course), a man his wife
    and her slave, a man and HIS slave, etc. etc. The bible promotes polygamy,
    rape and slavery as traditional marriage. Solomon had 700 wives and he was
    a good guy…

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