19 Comments on “Paul O’Grady speaks to Gay Star News at Sochi protest London”

  1. These damn games have cost 30 billion. What a total waste of money. I will
    not be watching. Good on you Paul. You are definitely a person i would
    invite for dinner and you love dogs!.

  2. GReat statements but near the end what was all that about Coca Cola at the
    end? What did they do?

  3. How dare ANYONE set themselves up against their peers for being different
    to themselves. Let them concentrate on murderers and proven paedophiles!

  4. so proud of you Paul for speaking out, although you shouldnt have too,
    scousers rule hun xxxx

  5. Love paul. Love that he is making his voice heard for the LGBT community
    and lots of others too. Love is love and everyone has the right to be
    treated equally x

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