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  1. I didn’t choose to be straight,
    I chose not to be a fornicator.
    I chose not to be an adulterer.
    I chose not to be a rapist.
    I chose not to be a pedophile.
    I chose not to be a homosexual.
    I chose not to defile my body with any sexual immorality.
    What is left is a straight person.
    Deal with it.


  2. Sexual orientation is not a choice. However, this does not mean you are
    “born with it,” either. The purposed options under study today are nature
    vs nurture- biological or environmental. Biological being: “born gay” or
    born with a predisposition to your sexuality. Environmental being:
    influences in early child development that directs the sexuality end up

    Neither of these options are a choice, no (serious person) is purposing
    “choice” as an option (except, oddly, the pro-gay community, like David
    just did.) This is a ridiculous question that distracts from real research
    and wastes everyones time.
    Science aside, none of this has bearing on human rights. Even if you could
    choose your sexual orientation, choice itself, is a right! And regardless
    if you are biologically gay or if it is an environmental cause, that
    doesn’t change the democracy and egalitarianism either. You’re still a
    human with the same rights.

  3. Do you choose to be a fornicator?
    Do you choose to be an adulterer?
    Do you choose to be a rapist?
    Do you choose to be a pedophile?
    Do you choose to be a sexual deviant?
    Now why is it that you dumb ass’s think that homosexuals don’t choose to be
    When it comes to sex…. It is a CHOICE!

  4. God bless u all on this page, see this is the End Time & devil is trying to
    differentiate Christians. Mary Magdalene came to Lord, washed His feet with
    tears, sprinkled her costly perfume on Him which c had been using to woo
    the male humankind. If c wudnt have used that aroma c had not got any
    response from those street men bcz of her stinky smell. Now when Lord
    forgave her sins, c was automatically aromatic & c is the one who gave
    the msg That Lord Lives, first of all humankind. One Mary helped the Lord
    to take human form & other preached that Lord Lives. See one was holy &
    other was unholy, so what is the difference just nothing. If the gays,
    homosexuals or same kind of people come forward to handle the Lord’s Work,
    dont discourage them but pray for them & our prayer will bring best
    results. Bible says love ur enemies so this people to whom u think r
    sinning in flesh r not our enemies. Matthew 9 : 12 Amen. Whatever problem
    they have, may b physical, genital, spiritual is not above the the
    miraculous Works of our Lord. I saw many pastors r having hot conversations
    over female preachers on You tube and other r talking about denominations
    differences, many debate with the leaders of other faiths which is not
    needed at all. Come together O, males & females or eunuchs, my Lord calls u
    in End Time to preach Gospel to save 7 Billions who dont know the Truth.
    And let every gender, sinners, innocent come together to kneel down to the
    Lord to pray for them who r slaughtered in many countries, pray for mercy
    upon who r facing untimely death & for salvation who r killing them like
    chickens. Leave every debate right now & kneel down to pray bcz Lord may
    appear any time now……………..!. Look at signs around unique things
    r happening. KL Angora {converted from Hinduism} 

  5. Yes of course ..and I’m sure this moron chose to be straight.Funny though
    .. I’m a straight man and I don’t seem to recall ever making a “choice “

  6. yes but! not in the majority I mean if you were a high school student like
    me living in the U.S you would know that many people that you knew from
    some years in primary school are now bisexual fags that try too peek and
    see your dick while you’re shitting in the stalls BUT only 20 or 30% of
    gays today are made trough social media and acceptance, gay prides gay this
    gay that gay everything bullshit oh and most aren’t full on gay they’re
    more like bisexual because they’re still becoming full on

  7. Even if people chose to be gay, it makes no fucking difference whatsoever.
    You choose to be of a certain religion. No one is born biologically a

  8. did you ever chose to masturbate with the other so that it feels is someone
    else doing it? maybe you do have a choice in that regard… (mind blown ey?)

  9. If you’re not sexually attracted to men how would make yourself choose to
    have sex with one? Only those who have fantasies about same sex would think
    it’s a choice.

  10. What do we expect? It’s the Baptists. They believe the world is 8000 years
    old. I don’t believe it is a choice–but even if it was it would be
    something that we would all have the right to choose.

  11. A Dutch scientist called Dick Swaab found where in a brain you can see if
    someone is gay, he found it by accident, in the early 60’s if I remember
    correctly. This guy is really worth checking out if you like the subject.

  12. Even if someone choose to be gay it shouldn’t matter because it’s not out
    business. It’s their right and we shouldn’t care.

  13. Believe me I know, but do you know who leads the NWO? He’s a very close
    ally of Pope Francis believe it or not. We will see him soon after the WW3
    gets so bad that peace talks start because of the loss of life.

  14. So what is people choose to be gay? Its none of your fucking business what
    consenting adults choose to do with their private parts IDIOT.

  15. Religious right wingers are the epitomy of people with character
    disturbance. They don’t make sense, they’re not tolerant, they’re not
    loving. They pray to a God that they made out to be like them. In my
    estimation they are the closest thing to institutionalized evil we have in
    this country.

  16. I have never chosen to have crapholes liers like him being total bullies
    and encouraging others to bully. Yes, let’s discriminate against him and
    treat him the way he treats others! Word of god? Passed by word of mouth,
    written, translated, having personal dogmas by many anti- something people
    written into it? No way is it a word of god, but a word of control freak

  17. oh shut up, you don’t know shit about anything. go worship your fake god
    some more. useless cunt.

  18. I think it’s more socialization that impacts what an individual finds
    “attractive”. In this respect, the individual is neither born a particular
    way nor has chosen to live a particular way. Rather, based on the
    parameters of one’s life and his/her exposure to certain elements the
    individual is likely more a product of his/her environment and development.
    However, I certainly think someone can potentially become bisexual,
    heterosexual or homosexual through a conscious lifestyle shift (choice).

  19. Some people do have a choice. They’re called bisexual. This “pastor” is
    probably bisexual, himself, and he is probably speaking from his own

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