16 Comments on “Peter King: ‘Very little doubt’ threat is serious”

  1. OK, you two (Wolf and King).This threat is coming from Al Qaeda, and or one
    of its groups. The same Al Qaeda that the Congress just voted to send arms
    for their fight with Assad in Syria. People, our Congressmen/women and
    Senators have obviously been seriously compromised. We need to do something
    before what we have all been investing our lives to current, is going to
    come to a very violent end, one way or another! Yes, there are inherent
    problems in our country, but you cant fix it if its gone.

  2. Perter King behind closed doors, “There is very little doubt we can justify
    the NSA spying by fear mongering. And if all else fails, we can actaully
    let attacks happen to pull Americans onboard.” I don’t trust any of these
    mongerer criminals.

  3. Always a threat always a plan but they never say what’s going on. They talk
    in circles and never say anything of importance

  4. Here we go boys and girls,… are YOU ready? Got food? Got water? Of course
    you don’t. Keep being complacent and disregard the threats and act as if it
    is all propaganda and you will be BEGGING for help. It will NOT come. You
    stupid fat lazy losers will be EATEN by the stronger peoples. IDIOTS!

  5. LogicBeforeauthority, if anyone knows fear propoganda, it is you being that
    you freaked people out saying the superbowl was going to blow by a nuclear
    event and to max out their credit cards, leave everything behind and follow
    you to Belize so you could turn around and rent them homes! in the
    meantime, you really fled the warrant for your arrest! Scam artist!

  6. I am sure they will make up lies about how they found this information out
    while spying on every human being on Earth through the NSA. Using this as
    why they are able to keep us safe, and giving the state credibility.
    Meanwhile, when another attack occurs they will simply say that they don’t
    have enough power to spy on us and need even more. Hypocrisy at its finest
    folks. The state is running scared making shit up to justify their power.

  7. Under Obama, Down Town America is not Safe. Obama said Al Qaida is not a
    threat anymore, and he was sure they were on the Run. I think you Fucked Up
    as usual, there not running from us, THERE RUNNING TO US. Good Old Shit for

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