43 Comments on “PEWDIEPIE MOST SUBSCRIBED YOUTUBE ACCOUNT – This Week in Sweden 17”

  1. You know that he’s not like that you have no idea how he is in person so
    stop judging and he does not have an annoying voice thank you for your time
    and you don’t need to reply on this comment because if you do im not going
    to answer 🙂

  2. Being known more doesn’t necessarily mean being better. I personally prefer
    your videos, Martin. High five!!

  3. hey I love the Channel and I was wondering when you’re goning to do
    something on Swedish Metal (if you are) . Great videos love them.

  4. Jumpin in, that’s it. Don’t need you to answer, all you have to do is read.
    Listen, the voice? How the fuck can you NOT think it’s annoying? And f.y.i,
    it is perfectly possible to know what a person is like by looking at them
    from a distance. You don’t have to know the fuckin guy! Otherwise, we
    wouldn’t be able to say anything about anyone. What about historical
    people? I’ve met none of them, still know I alot about plenty of them.
    Remove your head..

  5. Dude just forget it omg i don’t want to start anything but i agree pewds
    sure screams a lot but just keep it for yourself and stop hatin none force
    you to watch his vids.

  6. if you have no idea who the top youtubers are, then how do you know the
    fame get to their head? You don’t know those people. Don’t judge someone
    you don’t know in person

  7. hey martin 😉 to be honest: i stumbled upon your channel because of
    pewds… but your videos are realy awesome and i will subscribe you right

  8. I don’t like Pewdiepie to be honest. He’s so immature & talks in such an
    annoying voice…

  9. I’m split about pewdiepie…on one hand the character he plays is an
    embarrassment for LPers and swedes in general, but on the other hand it’s
    fun that a swede has such big presence online.

  10. Swedish YouTubers are the best…You, Pewds, Robbaz etc. so I’m glad he’s
    n.1 (I’m always asking my self: Why only I couldn’t be born in Sweden or
    Norway 🙁 😀 ) and that Russian thing? It’s bullshit.

  11. I’ve enjoyed many Pewdiepie videos. I don’t really have an opinion about
    who’s number one on YouTube… I tend to feel a bit bad for people on the
    top, because the more popular you are, the more hate you’ll get. And let’s
    bring all the rainbows to Russia.

  12. Well Martin, your videos are amayzin, so I would rather subscribe to you
    than to Pewdiepie ^_^

  13. Stop hatin? No one forcin me? Then how did I get exposed to asshole,
    considering the fact that I detest him? Am I a masochist? Honestly, he may
    do whatever the shit he wants. Im just depressed over the fact that this
    guy is who everyone apparently wants to see. We got so much bigger fish to
    fry right now. Fuckin teenagers man.. (Admit it, you’re one yourself)

  14. Du och pewdiepie gör helt annorlunda videos men kan säga att jag har följt
    pewdiepie längre men du är bra du med 🙂

  15. thats why I love sweden and norway, their approach on human rights and well
    being is so much prioritized (dunno if writted correctly) than other “well
    know” countries, russia and china are always recognized for their
    totalitarian government, ask polish people, poland have wonderful people
    and political views, and they hate until the last drop everything russia
    done and do to them (:

  16. I must say that I dont care that much about gay people.. let them marry
    each other as long as Im not getting in to it in any way. //Swede

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