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  1. Sorry asking about Mayflower:) u showed it later! Hehe have u been to cape
    cod??what about harvard??? Miss Boston its just so nice to be there..so
    many memories

  2. whoo hoo I was born in Boston and lived in Plymouth. You all should have
    gone to Cape Cod. I used to live there too. It’s beautiful this time of
    year but loaded with tourists though. 😛 I moved to Texas though pretty
    much right after high school. I worked in Plymouth for about a year to save
    up money to move then left. – Heidi

  3. And, you included a nice sample of Boston’s street theater; excellent! Glad
    you could join us in the pretty city of Boston; hope you can come back and
    stay a bit longer! Did you manage to see any of the Peoples’ REpublic of
    Cambridge on your way out?

  4. Fun episode, guys. I look forward to Bryan’s interview with Mr. Sims. Hey,
    Selena, the people who landed at Plymouth weren’t Americans yet, and the
    land was already occupied by native nations. So, I guess they were the
    first Americans, right?

  5. hi everyone. Daniel – the philly cheesesteak looks good. Everyone have fun
    time and safe trip.

  6. Well, never in my life have i seen a man in a kilt, on a uni cycle, playing
    the bagpipes and juggling.

  7. My brother used to play bag pipes at Quincy Market. He is a very good
    player, but doesn’t ride a unicycle. 🙂

  8. I Love Boston and I agree with Daniel on the Philly Cheese Steaks and also
    Bryan’s reaction to getting some Clam Chowder lol.

  9. To be anally precise: Plymouth Harbor Boston Common (no s) Boston Harbor
    Love that you liked Boston!

  10. I followed my heart (high school sweetheart) when he asked me if I would
    come with him. 🙂 Eventually he left but I stayed right here. Texas stole
    my heart. 🙂 – Heidi

  11. Did you check out the Boston Harbor Islands? Its a park made of islands in
    Boston Harbor.

  12. That is her security pillow she has had it since she was a baby and its her
    favorite item in the world

  13. I’m glad you liked my hometown (Boston)! Next time go to the Union Oyster
    House between fanuiel hall and the north end, its the oldest restaurant in

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