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  1. being a gay is not a prederence,there’s wrong in thier chromosomes,in
    normal person the number of chromosomes are normal but in this group of
    people according to study they lack some number of chromosomes

  2. for me..i agree with bb..when she said that being a gay starts through
    conception..by hormonal imbalance..physically, more males but the
    characters,feelings,attitudes is more on female side and its just the
    matter of acceptance and choice that she can be whatever she wants to…it
    takes a very strong conviction to choose what they want to be and if it
    takes sometimes its because of confusion and of course there’s the
    influence of other people especially those closest to them…

  3. gays not a sin wat a sin is the lifestyle that u choose in life,..coz i
    bliv there is gays married to a girl still,..

  4. di naman po ganoon,..kala ba nyo gnun kadaling maging gay para naisin
    ito,.in order to live happily sa mundong ito kelangan mag paka true tayo or
    else sasabog at sasabog tayo!.sabi ko nga wala namng sinumang tao ang
    makakapag explain about this or other things na nangyayari sa mundo kundi
    si GOD lang ang makakaexplain,.as for now,magrespetuhan tayo bilang
    TAO,daming masasamang tao jan na pampagulo sa mundo,GOD AFTER ONLY SA CLEAN
    HEART ng tao,wala syang paki sa gender o kulay mo etc,.godblessus,

  5. bakit parang may acceptance sa side ng catholic side itong interview nato.
    im not against with interview but im confuse about the acceptnce of church
    principles and beliefs. ang gulo.

  6. Siguro impluwencya na rin ng science kya mas marami na ung naglaladlad na
    gay sa ngayon kasi npapaganda na ung katawan nila na parang tunay na babae
    dahil sa mkabagong technology.

  7. i understand the point that you want to make……but thiz is really a very
    difficult and delicate topic to tackle just on line. this needs further
    research and discussions to come up with a more “humane judgment”. NOT a

  8. coz in US they love you for who you are,they have respect to you as a being
    gay,unlike in the PHIL is many peoples are conservative to gay gay people
    which they’re are still human being and living in this world.Philippines
    many discrimanition so shit and I’m hoping Philippines will accepted the
    Gay people like in US.Good Luck BB.Gandang Hari stay what you are right now
    and keep it up.show to people that gays can deserve what they want in their
    life. ^_^

  9. at di naman dating catholic si BB,. so confuse ako kung saan niya nakuha
    ang mga reasoning na yan na wala naman source or books na puwedeng
    pagbasehan. lahat ng bagay sa mundo kelangan patunayan mo di yung kung ano
    lang ang gusto mong gawin.

  10. Lagi mo Lang isipin na kahit anong mangyari andiito Lang ako nakaka intindi
    saiyo idol Sna makita kita ng personal

  11. bb ? change ur name .. den improve ur english .. en wak ka mag paka bonga
    lab na lab ko face mo d2 .. i love u from wuat u are not wuat u look ok ..
    so go girl

  12. May we all living beings cultivate love and compassion to one another–
    Buddha bebe..i admire your strenght and wisdom..isa kang idolo… Nam myoho
    renge kyo!!

  13. kasi sa US ? they love u hu truely hu u are coz dei have porper education ,
    or knowledge to understand further , dat most filipino dont have , actualy
    dey do but filipino need a biig wake up call to discrimination and more !!!

  14. duh! what an idoitic remark. Bebe has more balls than many men in the
    Philippines for expressing his true self even if he is gay. At least he is
    true to himself unlike some slef professing catholics like our corrupt
    Government officials who go to church but are actually un relentless
    thieves. Mahiya sila. i have more respect for this person rather than any
    of our politicians or some members of the church who are predatory
    pedophiles. Simply, catholic hyprocrisy

  15. God created you as a man and be a man you don’t have to change the nature
    that you have a dick and balls!

  16. melito206,di naman choices yan e,..sabi ko nag depende pano mo dadalhin
    pagiging gay mo kase may gay na bitchy at may gay na decent gaya sa girls
    may pokpok may disente,..

  17. im not condemning them,.. no no no… im comfuse about the religion
    specially the catholic,. sa pilipinas kcd parang ok lang yan,. pero sa
    ibang bansa na catholic eh i don’t think ok yan. so ang tanong bakit di
    pareho ang standard pero iisa ang sourse ..ang vatican. so papano nangyari.
    ang gulo talaga.

  18. Human Rights? This video is disturbingly anti-human rights. Who is this
    interviewer? What is the message in this interview? Crazy. Boycott AHRC.

  19. di ba parang ang gulo nun, gay or homosexual eh okey lang pero idagdag mo
    ang act then mali na. then bakit ka pa patatawag na gay kung di mo naman
    pala gagawin ang homosexual act di pa straight ka na lang or male or female
    in category. nakakabaliw.

  20. Just wanna comment on something based on what you said .i hope you dont
    mind! The catholic church has maintained that being gay is not wrong
    neither a SIN. But its the ” HOMOSEXUAL ACTS” that the church condemns.
    WHich means Gays,like evrybody else, should follow the moral standards
    upheld by the church.

  21. For crying out loud, just accept that the world is not perfect. Even being
    straight is not perfect. Why not ask yourself if you are perfect, then
    maybe you can stop blaming other peoples imperfections.

  22. I am glad BB is being true to herself. Remember folks, as BB herself said
    it, being gay or homosexual is never a choice, but more and more science is
    postulating that there is a genetic factor involved, something happens
    during conception. I read this theory in an article in Time Magazine in the
    early 90s. So I say it is wrong for people to reject gays. It is like
    rejecting people with Down Syndrome. Something they NEVER chose to become.

  23. Justineramil why don’t u just keep ur rude opinion to urself… Maybe u are
    just one of those closet gays who can’t accept who they really are… I’m
    so proud of Bebe for being brave for admitting what she really and she is
    not in anyway harming others by showing what she really is so justineramil
    just keep ur filthy mouthshut and do something that would make u productive
    rather than throwing discriminative opinion about gays because they are way
    more responsible and dignified than u are

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