6 Comments on “PHILIPPINES: former action star talks about gay rights online (part 3)”

  1. If homosexuality is permitted by the majority of human beings in the
    society irregardless the law of God, why is it, that people are not IN TO
    it? If in the eyes of God as BB talked that God doesn’t like pretenders,
    he’s absolutely gone out of context. God’s law is higher than any law and
    preference. I don’t think that GOD made us in order to confuse us. Pls know
    the truth and the truth shall set you free. Anyhow, God’s justice is real
    you will not be saved by GOOD WORKS.

  2. I wish BB could have explained about “Gender Identity Disorder”. I don’t
    think BB is gay AT ALL. She is a woman born with male biological
    attributes. She’s not transexual but transgendered. Gay = Sexual
    Orientation Transgendered = Gender IDENTITY. ex.: a born female who became
    a man only becomes gay if she’s attracted to Men Being gay is not a choice
    because being straight is not either. If another straight guy asks you
    about homosexuality, ask him “So when did you choose to become straight?”

  3. the interview is nice but answers were not @ all intelligently delivered,
    chosen & though of.. i wish that homosexuality was really defended
    here..but the answers weren’t strong enough to stand on its own.. but at
    least, with it, homosexuality would slowly be understood.. KUDOS fr.
    reyes..i hope every priest is as kind and understanding as you..not abusive
    of power nor boastful of it. Fr. RAUL B., i hope you learn from this
    interview..that its not at all opposing..its also UNDERSTANDING.

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