41 Comments on “‘Piers Morgan Live’ Dead – British Or CNN’s Latest Victim?”

  1. I like you guys since you do not have any ties to corporations or
    politicians but you guys could not be more wrong. I am a liberal, but Piers
    Morgan was insane. He talked over his guests, insulted them, and ignored
    every contrary fact about guns since it did not apply to his agenda. CNN is
    good because they do not act to the bias that other networks do. They do
    not have these fiery opinions because if they did they would be as bad as
    fox. People want as non-bias a news as possible. If that is why their
    ratings are low then maybe that is because people just want as crooked a
    story as possible. 

  2. Piers was one of the better ones on CNN. He spoke in actual sentences with
    subject, verb and a complete thought. He could focus on a single idea and
    carry it it it’s logical conclusion. He was undeniably, smart…smart and

    Piers put a figurative stake in the heart of America’s vampire: he called a
    right-wing, gun enthusiast stupid. By doing that, Piers broke an evil
    spell. Yeah, you CAN call right-wing gun nuts stupid. And YES, they ARE
    stupid. They are stupid, their arguments are stupid and they are dangerous.

    So, I will miss the brave vampire slayer.

  3. It was because he was anti gun, because even ‘anti gun’ people in the US
    still like their pistols for self defence. They just don’t like the ‘scarey
    black rifles’ that are used in less than 1% of gun crime. Piers would take
    your pistols, happily. He has no respect for the US constitution and has
    contempt for American culture. And I am saying this as a Brit. The real
    iurony here, listen up ‘liberals’ is that your handguns are far more
    ‘dangerous’ than any rifles because they can be concealed. Thats why here
    in the UK you can have a .44 magnum if you like but it has to have a 12″
    barrel and an arm rest so you can’t hide it in your pocket. Our gun laws
    suck but they are at least logical, hand ringing lefties wanting to ban
    rifles that you could be seen carrying from a mile away whilst wanting to
    keep their snub nosed revolvers is laughably illogical.

  4. CNN is just as bad as msnbc. call out fox news on their lies. do real
    interviews challenge the people you have on. It’s called journalism.
    that’s what we want. I don’t always agree with tyt but I trust them more.
    than again anyone who knows politics gave up on all the 24 hour news
    stations. they are all biased and don’t admit it.

  5. Piers Morgan was a stuffy, pompous, out of touch blowhard with zero
    personality, who asked erroneous and stupid questions to his guests. Though
    admittedly that describes 90% of the people on CNN.

    He was unbearable to watch, and the ONLY thing slightly interesting about
    him was his British accent, not the other way around! 

  6. fuck piers morgan. fuck TYT. and fuck youtube for recommending that i
    watch this shit.

    and all you TYT fans, fuck you in advance.

  7. he was anti rights not just guns. and he talks like a fag and hes gay.
    -idiocracy credit:mike judge

  8. god forbid that news be delivered factually without ‘taking a side’!! All
    ‘news’ shows should hand viewers not just the news, but the opinion they
    should have? It should be entertaining, not factual? Facts are boring,
    you want facts packaged up with opinion, only. These guys are losing the

  9. “Taking a bath in the ratings” isn’t a British thing to say. That toff cunt
    is a weirdo, that’s why he had to move to America to get a job, because he
    can’t get one here. People don’t talk like that, only the plum suckers who
    want to be American do. He’s just trying to fit in, haha.

  10. I disagree with you in this one guys, I much prefer to be inform of the
    news as they come and form my own opinion about it…. I don’t like been
    force to listen the arguments often loud and aggressive of people that
    anyway won’t change anything, has their own bias, and really I don’t care
    about their opinions. When I watch a news program I just want the News….
    and let me doing my own thinking.

  11. He was let go because he was a total ass….He had no people skills..thats
    why he was let go. He was a pompous zzz! Canker and Plastic on The
    Middleage Turds are one sided and think they know what is entertaining,
    that’s why they have a non show.

  12. Piers Morgan was canceled because the only thing he wanted to do is talk
    about gun control. If you only talk about gun control,I hope you fucking
    disappear too!!!

  13. Truth is he is a cock…. I am massively anti-gun and anti private
    healthcare etc but I think Morgan is a cock.

  14. Cenk …. you are a moron. Piers did nothing but rant about guns ….
    Being anti-gun and not making it your daily dish, and what Piers did are
    two different things.

  15. A news caster shouldn’t have an opinion. There only job is to give people
    facts about the news. Pundits are the part of the news where they express
    there opinion on the news. All these news channels I guess forgot how to
    do the news without picking a side.

  16. American presenters are generally Yes men. Piers likes to stir it up a bit
    and Americans don’t like it. 

  17. They are so lazy and report old News. Pol Pot did this and that. I have
    news:Pol Pot
    died 1998. That’s why Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is best news show on

  18. Morgan is a fascist that wants to control our lives. It is morgan along
    with the CNN format. I hope he goes away. The problem is, the UK does not
    want him either, they have a petition also. LOL. What a pathetic excuse for
    a human being. Any entertainer that signs up with him, will commit
    entertainment suicide!

  19. To be honest i disagree…. I think Piers was one hell of a very arrogant
    being, that could ask evidently uncomfortable questions with smile on his

  20. Ok Young Turks maybe this comes as a shock to you. But when I watch a news
    show what I expect is the NEWS. No need for the host opinion. I have a
    brain and I can have an opinion of my own. It’s very sad that the new trend
    in the news networks is to give biased information. Fuck that! Give the
    facts and period.

  21. What’s wrong with neutrality in news? Isn’t news supposed to be information
    and not infotainment? 

  22. How many idiots does it take to fill the comment section with anti-Piers
    Morgan banter?

    We’ll tell you when they’re done streaming in like retarded cattle.

  23. This Cenk prick thinks he’s popular? lol No. Have you seen the dislikes on
    his videos? The only reason he gets all these views is because YouTube
    promotes the fuck out of their videos and nobody knows it’s these
    two dickheads’ video they’re clicking on until its too late.

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