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  1. Incredible video. I will pass it along and ask for it to be promoted
    through Meridian Magazine and among a group of LDS film producers that I
    work with. Keep up the good work!

  2. absolutely beautiful video! thank you for your honest and gentle defense of
    our and and other Christian beliefs.

  3. Protesting the churches WAS a waste of time. It is not ‘church’ marriage
    that is the issue. It is ‘LEGAL’ marriage. There is a HUGE difference. No
    can ever be forced to hold any ceremony whatsoever. There are churches that
    don’t have to cater to interracial marriages. Atheists get LEGALLY married
    WITHOUT churches, as can anyone else, including gay couples. Freedom of
    religion is not damaged by a support of equal LEGAL marriage rights for
    gays and lesbians. Check my video for more data.

  4. Awesome truth! I especially identify with the perspective it puts on the
    gay marriage issue when contrasted with what the mormons went through in
    being driven from state to state to state to the wild frontier. I am amazed
    at what they accomplished with no resources, in building up an economy from
    scratch in a Utah desert. Amazing. Then I think on the whiners over this
    vote, and wonder, why do they want so much? They already have civil unions,
    and I personally can’t get one, so…?

  5. Well done. The fact that the LDS church is being specifically targeted and
    the Catholic church isn’t really shows the true courage of the No on 8’s.
    “Hmm… Catholics make up 31% of California, Mormons make up 2%… which
    one should we target for hate crimes?” It’s a lot easier to dole out hate
    to a group then they only make up 1/50th of the population, I guess.

  6. “I hope that the protesters and rioters will come across your video, it
    might put things into perspective for them.” Very true!

  7. This video is addressed to the protestors who violently and wrongfully
    abuse mormons for their beliefs. Mormons don’t “hate” anyone, espeically
    not individuals who are gay, bisexual, etc. Just because we dissagree with
    their lifestyle doesn’t mean we love them any less as people.

  8. “As you disregard the beliefs of a church and demand the right to hold your
    ceramony in their sacred place of worship” Who are “you” and “Your
    ceramony” referring to? “Hate is hate” In the constitution, it states that
    we have the freedom of speech, press, and religion. Nobody is above
    anybody, that is equality. We all have our own beliefs and views, but as
    you said Hate is hate. According to god, everyone will be judged by him, so
    we have no right to judge others. That’s how it chould be.

  9. This is the most beautifull video I have watched on youtube. Thankyou for
    posting this wonderfull work of art.

  10. I set the comments to require approval before they could be posted because
    I knew some viewers would try to insigate arguments and spread rumors about
    the church that weren’t true. I specifically wanted this page to be a place
    to escape from negativity and confusion, and where people who had been
    disrespected and abused to be able to feel a sense of hope and belonging

  11. Fantastic video. Thank you very much. I’m putting this up on my blog and
    sending it to my contacts. Keep up the great work.

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