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  1. The Imperial Court Hotel is a single-room occupancy building on Manhattan’s
    Upper West Side. In 2011, a law was passed that mandates stays at
    single-room occupancy buildings be at least 30 days in length. The owner of
    the Imperial Court Hotel has said that this severely cuts into his profits,
    as people used to rent rooms there for a week at a time. Since the city
    isn’t helping him get his profits back, the owner is now “threatening” to
    turn the building into a homeless shelter. That’s the word used by
    Democratic Assemblywoman, Linda Rosenthal, at least. Since when is housing
    the homeless a threat? The Resident (aka Lori Harfenist) discusses.

  2. This video and the comments it has received are an example of what kind of
    people we really are in the US/A; it’s all about me, Me, ME! Why bother
    trying to repair our economy and prevent our country from collapse if it’s
    just to glorify the existence of a bunch of self-centered assholes?. We
    have no right to complain about the government ignoring We the People when
    we’re doing exactly the same thing to our fellow American citizens. We
    don’t have a democracy, we have a Hypocracy”

  3. Losing real estate value (which only matters if you intend to sell) takes
    precedence over social obligations. I had a debate with my ethical
    philosophy teacher about this – an ETHICS teacher insisted that any
    alterations to or uses of ones own rightly-owned property that devalued
    their neighbors property was socially immoral. Our society defines
    morality based on the profit margin.

  4. Its more of a threat to businesses, and housing prices. The upper classes
    herd the poor and homeless to where they want them so they are better

  5. Hey resident, you ever been to a homeless shelter? The VAST majority of
    people there are drug addicts, mental defectives and basically dangerous
    people their not innocent Joe and Jane Smith who lost their jobs and then
    their house. Granted, passing a 30 day minimum law on the surface seems
    like a bad idea but the people their (and I wish I could afford to live
    their by the way) pay big bucks (most of it made honestly through hard
    work) so they could live in a nice neighborhood away from people like that,
    They may be stuck up and snooty but their paying for their neighborhood so
    let them keep it, im on their side on this one. 

  6. Typical Government power used to protect Cronies (the Hotels who get to
    rent more rooms) causes another problem, and the Liberal scum of NYC want
    the poor kept nice and quiet somewhere else.

  7. Come off it RT. You can care about homelessness without wanting them to
    live next to you. BTW, thumbs up to the building owner. I would have done
    the same thing, or just have actually moved them in.

  8. The ‘threat’ IS reprehensible, undoubtedly… But what was that bit about
    “aren’t we supposed to be Christians in this country?”… Uhhhh, NO, we
    are NOT. We are supposed to able to choose WHATEVER religion we want, or
    NONE. The Resident lost MAJOR points with that BS comment.

  9. Yeah they’ll do what ever it takes to create social separation, as well as
    cut into your pocket for social reasons. To say that a homeless shelter is
    a threat is because it is to them,because they would have to create a
    conscious by seeing the fruits of their fake moral high ground, hell id
    turn it into homeless shelter employment agency clinic so these
    decadent pigs could see how others can work together and not be Dependant
    upon the money grabbers to grant them privileges.

  10. “Linda Rosenthal”
    Not surprised by the name…another person with two nationalites I guess…

  11. You should be mad at both sides here. This guy is only saying this to get
    his way, if he doesn’t get his way do you actually think he will turn his
    building in to a homeless shelter? Absolutely not. BOTH sides are being
    the ass here.

  12. That’s riiiight, UWS, bitches!!! Clean that shit up! There’s plenty of
    shelter in Riverside Park, or down underneath The High Line…lulz!! Next,
    clean up the city by kickin’ OUT this Harfenist bitch!!!

  13. The residents of the Upper West Side should send those homeless people to
    Greenwich Connecticut a much lower class neighbourhood!Really,were these
    hoity people unaware of the Occupy Movement which was quashed ,because
    99%ers awoke to their own plight.Why not just grab a large red rag and
    shout over hear,as the 99% starve and freeze through their lives.The elite
    are really out of touch and a French style revolution awaits these ignorant
    pigs,but of course their specialness is shrouded in tax payer money and
    armed to the teeth rednecks dying to shoot anyone who dissents against
    those special 1%ers.

  14. This law was pushed by hotel chains, because they can still rent for a
    week. I think it was a smart move on behalf of the business owner. NYC law
    and corruption is absolutely out of control.

  15. Anything that’s a threat to “Christians”,indeed any religion is okay by
    me.But nobody,nowhere wants the price of their property to drop.For most
    people it’s their major investment.When I retire and sell mine,I want to
    get top dollar for the fuckin thing.So I can move back to the country in
    comfort,away from all the scummy Christians,rich people,poor people,big
    stores,concrete,smog,pollution.The rats in the rat race.But that doesn’t
    mean I don’t care…Those rich people are too rich,they can afford to have
    homeless people living next door.They can do a lot more….A lot more! 

  16. he needs to start a kick starter project as I’m sure he could get funding
    to support his efforts!

  17. Wow, those Liberals sure are compassionate champions of the downtrodden, so
    long as those downtrodden keep quiet and stay out of their neighborhoods.

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