14 Comments on “Pole vault Vlog 32: Gay rights,Yurbuds, Blind dog and last summer Vlog”

  1. Good question, I think I got them on-line some place. I know they have them
    at Spensers. I haven’t taken them out since 2007! They’re 2g

  2. you have the calmest face during your vault. i have so many pictures of me
    making really stupid face mid-jump, and i feel like yours never changes.

  3. I’m not sure… I contacted them through their web site and they got back
    to me within the week. You could try the same.

  4. I should show you some of my college pictures… I learned how be less
    tense when i started vaulting on my own. Trust me, i have some scary take
    off pictures haha

  5. Good question. I doesn’t really have a name since i made it myself with
    some audio software. Its a combination of Australian digereedoo, Aerosmith,
    and some random beat a threw in there

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