23 Comments on “Politically, Is “Gay Rights” being used as a wedgie?”

  1. I need to look up that passage in Rev 10 verse 1 about an “angel out of
    heaven clothed with a cloud and THE rainbow was upon his head ” !!! I was
    so thrilled when you read that !!! I like the Trump/Palin ticket, talk
    about a clear path, LOL. Got my first home computer in 1999 and it changed
    my life. Google and then You Tube allowed me to discover I was transsexual
    rather than gay. Didnt know gender and orientation were seperate issues.
    THANK YOU Stephie and OLbutG ! Love, Tiffany

  2. You crack me up… to bring humour to such a serious topic is a talent.. I
    commend you for making your points so well.

  3. @YourGayNews I didn’t make that up…. the kudos belong to Syd, for giving
    us a different perspective. That was such a fresh approach, I had to copy
    it. At least for a few moments. It IS interesting how much crud can collect
    down there, though (she says, rolling her eyes). Hugs,

  4. hehehe…you’re horizontal!…*smile* Laughing about the rapture
    theory…you’re cute! Self-destruction of that pair would be lovely,
    wouldn’t it? Love your perspective Stephie. HUGS!!

  5. @PaintedRavensong One of the nice (lesbian) ladies and I were talking at a
    PFLAG meeting the other day, and that came up. She’s a minister and we both
    agreed it sure would be nice if May 21 WOULD get rid of some of those
    folk…. albiet not to the place they think they’re going. –snicker– Hugs,

  6. @reflectivelife Thanks so much. Agree. Just in the last few days, we’ve got
    good news and bad news re our community. Also in the last few days, Newt
    Gangrene (did I spell that right?) tossed his hat in and already got
    partially discredited. Maybe next year at this time some of the “running
    issues” will be defined. Hugs,

  7. @SidneyTree Vacuum Cleaner! So THAT’s the key! I knew there was something I
    needed! Mostly cat fur actually. I actually have a “garbage bag” full of
    “fresh” cat fur. I’ve been collecting it for a while. I ALMOST have enough
    to spin it into yarn and make a great cat fur sweater! Hugs,

  8. Nice use of analogy with you laying on the floor with regard to
    perspective. LOL I’m still holding you to one day making me a tube amp and
    pre-amp. They sound way better than transistors and ICs!!! Talking about
    politics, I found out with Australian “law” I can change my name anytime I
    wish, but in order to get the “F” gender marker on all my official
    documents, I must have SRS first – now isn’t that just so anti LGBTQ!!!
    Luckily, drivers’ licenses don’t have your gender on them, but still.

  9. @mfost0424 Thanks! This is a very serious topic, but sometimes humor makes
    a point better than anything else. The down side is the humor HAS to be
    humorous. Humor at the expense of someone else (sort of like many RWB talk
    shows use) doesn’t quite cut it. Hopefully I don’t come across as still
    being in grade school, since I left that institution years ago. I still
    remember the dinosaur I had for a pet in grade school. Hugs,

  10. @conway7734 Yea..here is the HORRIBLE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA:: ..”Dave and I who
    have been together monogamously for 20 years can have the same rights as
    the married couple across the street..OR my friend at work who has been
    married FOUR times” Yep..that is about it….. Yea.. I am one of those
    nasty HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVISTS!!! Love our Steph!!!

  11. Stephie, that’s a nice new perspective down there on the floor. I love
    hearing you talk about being a recovering right-wing bigot. LOL I need you
    to hold a group meeting to try and help some of my gay right-wing friends.
    Yes, a Trump Palin ticket would be fun to watch. They would surely implode.
    YouTube really is a great site for all of us and I spent lots of time
    searching videos when I started thinking about coming out. Great to see you
    today! 🙂 Jim

  12. Stephie, I love your take on this and you are absolutely correct. When
    you’ve seen a few presidential cycles one realizes that change is
    inevitable There really is no need to get spun up. (But I’m going to
    anyway. :-p ) Great post! Hugs~T

  13. @tbear2327 Thanks, dear. We actually have the dang gender markers on the
    drivers license too. There’s a great joke between kid and mommy where the
    kid sees the mothers DL and gains some useful information… The punch line
    is “and now, I know why daddy divorced you, ’cause you got an F in sex”. In
    this community, that is actually has more than one meaning. –grin- Hugs,

  14. Thanks for a GREAT vid Steph. The reason that I posed this question is
    because most of us have no idea that there are so many “hate groups” out
    there that are actually making money from demonizing us! This has been
    going on for years and I seriously had no clue… I don’t know about you
    but I am tired of sitting in the back of the bus. Jim from Ohio is one of
    those RADICAL HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVISTS.. Yea..I just want the same rights as
    the couple across the street.. Sigh…

  15. Great points again Stephie. Those are great sites to use when looking for
    LGBTQ information. Pretty finger nails haha!! You are very blue today;-)

  16. @Tiffanynicolina Thanks, dear. Different translations translate that
    passage. The quote was the “recovery version” as expressly liked by
    fundamentalists.If you have a RSV, that shows the phrase nicely, NAB
    translates it “halo” dangit! It’s amazing how much the internet has
    affected our lives and how we proceed in life. Hugs, Stephie

  17. @stoner829 Thanks! Yeah, everything would be great if it wasn’t for us dang
    ACTIVISTS! What’s the word? Oh, yeah, “The Gay Agenda”. But things are
    truly getting better. It just takes constant pressure, and consistency, and
    determination. Hugs,

  18. @CountryComesToTown Thanks. Yeah, your perspective changes when you finally
    discover yourself. I was actually pleasantly surprised when most of the
    folks I worked with in Atlanta accepted me just fine. I’d LOVE to see some
    mental combinations paired up for the election. I honestly believe it would
    have great entertainment value. Hugs,

  19. @SydneyTinker Agreed. Certainly doesn’t work forever, but the fact that it
    works at all is somewhat telling, isn’t it? I think it is going to be
    really fun watching all the manure -er- manuvering that is likely to be
    dropped -er- happening until the election. Hugs,

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