13 Comments on “Politics over gay rights”

  1. HEARD raul vinci is a gay and sonia ganty is a lesbian and pronnoy roy
    uskeliye tel lene vala hai.. tel lagane vala bhi hai.. sala ulloooo NATION

  2. surprisingly Congress has reacted strongly to suggestion by advani that let
    assembly election be held by ballot paper till these doubt gets cleared???
    Has CHORI of RAHUL BABA brigade soon going to be exposed without the HELP

  3. And you are a doctor? Or are you just vomiting up what your fucked up
    parents taught you. Try using your mouth when you talk – your ass is tired.

  4. LET this MMS govt announce FAST TRACK COURT and hear petition(esp of
    P.CHIDAMBARAM) if the election was rigged or NOT?? iF this govt has the
    clear and honest intention then all petition can be heard immediately and
    judgement be out in few months. Till then for me this is a RIGGED GOVERNMENT

  5. Thank you – shit-for-brains. Coming from you, that is the best compliment
    any girl can get. Dumbass.

  6. what does that mean, are you Gay as well, just wanted to know if Gays are
    somewhere between human and animals, what do you say?

  7. Why are you so interested in gay sex. You have sexual problems? Cock a
    little limp these days? Feeling horny when yo see your mama in a bikini?
    Just wondering….

  8. Its not a ‘human right’ issue, you got to be a human for that. If this is
    indeed a human right issue than its for those whose right are being abused
    by allowing such people openly. This is a pervert state of human mind that
    needs to be cured and discouraged not promoted by making it public and open
    to all. Gays are not natural, its a acquired thing due to various reason,
    right from troubled childhood, to child molestation to just to try
    something different.

  9. I am not, just watching hopelessly indian people and these jerk media
    people debating an non issue..

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