20 Comments on “Pragmatism Trumps Gay Rights”

  1. International issues? I’m so sick of this country being concerned with
    problems of other nations. We need to focus on ourselves for a change!

  2. This is about more than Obama’s failure to act. His Justice Dept. Brief
    defending DOMA last week was an attack on the gay community and our entire
    civil rights movement. The DOJ Brief claims that the government is
    justified in discriminating against me. He has the authority to issue a
    stop loss while DADT is under review, but he refuses to act. No more money
    from me, no more votes and no more help to the democrats until I have
    equality in all matters of civil law. Jason Zenobia, PDX OR

  3. What’s interesting about this particular piece is that you have a reporter
    who was about to fall victim to both gender and / or age bias by that
    bastion of marital nepotism CBS. People if laws against gender and age
    discrimination can be routinely broken I’m afraid any gay rights laws can
    also be ignored. there will always be states that might issue you a
    marriage license but you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone to perform the

  4. What part of “it requires legislation” is not being understood. Progress
    has been made with the signing of the bill. This is the second YouTube
    video from CBS in a week that has been slanted to indicate Obama’s falling
    far short of campaign promises, when he’s done alot in six short months. He
    promised change, but change takes time — most change doesn’t happen
    entirely in six months, but why isn’t signing the bill indication of
    positive things to come?

  5. @david2jade If Yahweh did make Adam and Eve, then he obviously made them of
    some distinguishable skin color. Are you a racist as well?

  6. @badilisho if he doesn’t come through, he should expect the mobs to arrive
    within hours of his leaving offer.

  7. “Pressure from the far left”? What a load of horse poo! What is this the
    1950s? Gay rights aren’t some crazy “far left” issue! And what’s up with
    the negative tone of this story? All I heard the guy say was “this is a
    good first step” but “some are getting frustrated”. That reporter was the
    only one to use strong words like “OUTRAGE!”. Some “liberal media” we have.

  8. @david2jade No sir, fuck you. It’s people like you who are the rot of this
    world. You and your religion and beliefs are no better than anyone else and
    what they believe. Its funny how you claim to hate people you don’t even
    know. These are human beings, not fictional characters. They are just as
    human as you are and deserve every bit of the rights and privileges that
    you are privy to. This is not a matter of religion, because if that were
    the case, then there’d be a debate on working on Sunday.

  9. I understand all sides of the debate. The gay community in the US should
    not give up their struggle for equal rights, but should also be aware of
    the day and age we live in. There are far more international pressing
    matters happening at the munite that need to be dealt with. A further
    decrease in the US economy is of far more importance to be looked into, as
    EVERYONE would feel it’s brunt.

  10. @bossandy88 And “frustration” with not getting equal rights is the farthest
    thing from new to the gay community.

  11. @badilisho Most likely in elementary school. If I knew what being gay meant
    back then, I would have been on the rampage after his stupid ass. I support
    most of what Obama does, but quite lately he seems to be acting a lot like
    a pushover.

  12. @david2jade That’s probably the most uneducated argument ever. You’re also
    aware that God made Adam and Eve, not adam and eve and the possibility of
    child birth, but things changed…clearly. And since when does religious
    teachings have anything to do with government…oh wait…they DON’T

  13. @proudeuph ohh fuck no we straits gunna find u we gunna find u you anit
    even got to confes we gunna find u bitch

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