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  1. They are not allowed to get married in all states, they are denied
    adoption. denied anything if their partner dies and so on. All they ask are
    rights that we have, and they should get it.

  2. that is what i said that he didnt make them gay, you refuted me saying he
    made them that way. U r just missing the difference between saying “he made
    them gay” and “he made them but not to be gay” i said one and not the other.

  3. Yes, he is. He took what white preachers said about racial segregation in
    the 50s and 60s, but he replaced racial segregation with gay rights.

  4. YES YES YES YES FREAKING YES FREAAAKING YES the same here everything keeps
    going on like this

  5. Long live the internet and Youtube. Now this briliant speech can go
    worldwide, instead of being limited to one room.

  6. Love thy neighbour, unless he/she is gay. Judge not lest ye be judged,
    unless you are judging some one who is gay. Let he who is without sin cast
    the first stone, unless you are casting stones at gay people. WAIT I don’t
    remember that second part ever being in there. right bible thumpers???

  7. I listened to this and many other videos like this one and I have yet to
    hear one logical reason why same sex couples aren’t allowed to legally get
    married. I don’t really understand why some religions are against it since
    they have never provided evidence or facts on why same sex couples aren’t
    allowed to marry, their reasoning is vague at best just as this video has
    demonstrated and every other that has tried to validate why they’re against
    same sex marriage.

  8. No,m being gay is NOT a choice, but religion is a choice. no one is born a
    brainwashed religious nut job, that is a choice, being gay is not a choice.
    No one is born a christian, you have to choose to believe in that cult.

  9. they get paired together because they are the same thing. Being judged for
    who you are as a minority is exactly the same thing. being judged just
    because you are different. For something that you cannot change. For having
    a long history of discrimination they are the same. For being ridiculed and
    misrepresented in the media, they are the same. The history of gay rights
    and black rights, and women’s rights are all the same.

  10. Simple, the Jesus that the Sunday Preachers teach about is NOT the Jesus of
    the Bible!! We are ALL imperfect and Jesus paid the debt in FULL for Gays,
    atheists, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, anc yes even so call “Christians’!
    Unfortunately, So called Christians try to Make God out to show favor to
    certain groups which is SO not the God of the Bible!! Even Jesus would
    ‘mock’ the ‘religious group of the day’!! Jesus would deliver the same
    speech as this Pastor!!! LOVE IT!!!

  11. Look at the guy in the right hand top corner when he says “I borrowed my
    argument from the wrong century” 😀

  12. What you said was not well thought out and also not very intelligent. Its
    easy to call someone a bigot but that certainly doesn’t make it true. You
    didn’t even read what I said.

  13. No it would not. Separation of church and state. Marriages would be
    government issued not church issued. Religious ceremonies surrounding
    marriage can still exclude anyone they want. Just like many people get
    married in a court house and not a church. Also, many churches do allow gay
    marriage. So you have the right to not allow it in your church, but you do
    not have the right to tell another church or a government what to do.

  14. Won’t that mean if a religious leader had marriage licence, that they
    would not be able to refuse to marry anyone if it is against the law.
    That’s totally detrimental to any church and would eventually lead to
    several churches giving up their marriage licenses so that no one could get
    married in their churches, because gay marriage is contradictory to their
    beliefs. Legalizing gay marriage is totally against the constitutions 1st
    amendment, in which congress can’t prohibit religious beliefs.

  15. @Ben A tht is definetly a problem. God didnt create people to be gay like
    he did for people to black. yet they still want to use that as a rebuttle
    when the two are NOT one in the same.

  16. You are right. God made even gay people and i never said he didnt,i said he
    doesnt make them gay there is a difference. You can TOO choose to be gay
    and that is what happens.

  17. Actually, you said exactly that. Your exact words were “God didn’t create
    people to be gay.”

  18. That was unnecessarily dramatic. He could have made the same point simply
    by drawing straight analogies.

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