13 Comments on “Pres. Yoweri Museveni of Uganda Signs ‘Jail-The-GAYS’ Bill into Law”

  1. I suppose it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that fundamentalist
    evangelicals regard countries in the “developing world” as fertile ground
    for their particularly hateful and thoroughly ignorant brand of religion
    that either has already been or is increasingly being rejected in most
    western countries (USA largely “exceptional” to that rule, of course). Like
    any lucrative business, they are constantly seeking new untapped “markets”
    — in this case, ones where they can not only “win new souls for Christ”
    but also freely dump their discredited rubbish and toxic waste.

  2. The cure comes from America? Please….It’s time Americans stop thinking
    everything is about themselves. Ugandan issues will be solved by Ugandan
    ideas promoted by Ugandans. American arrogance is what got us in this mess
    in the first place….Thinking they can publicly bully our President.

  3. Western countries do so many inhuman things under the name of culture and
    traditions.Yet they Flatter about like headless chickens when other
    countries Uphold laws according to their cultures and traditions.

  4. everything is not about america.homosexuality is unafrican.practice it in
    the west but do not force us to ape your evil practices

  5. And am I hearing right? Lol. Cutting monetary aid because they refuse
    homosexuality? Hahaha this is ridiculous

  6. this is uganda row and its not becouse of election 2016 but 99% ugandans
    never wish to have guys in our country…. so better back off boddy
    We love and respect Americans but on this gay bill better step a side 

  7. At least they will not kill them! A nice improvement it is in deed!
    Homosexuals shall be thankful to this law from 14 yrs to Life in prison is
    a good deal!

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