46 Comments on “President Obama Delivers Remarks at the HRC’s Annual National Dinner”

  1. I don’t care what ever anyone wants to say about President Obama, I voted
    for him in the past 2 elections and I would vote for him again… People
    expect him to just make all the these changes as he promised but I am more
    understand and know there us a time to get stuff done and approved. Rather
    than rushing stuff and failing. Obama and Michelle WE the people the
    majority love you both… I approve of your work so far. I am just waiting
    for comprehensive immigration reform.

  2. This is so, moving. I have tears in my eyes and what this wonderful man is
    talking about, what he wants to achieve wont effect me due to me not being
    an American, but that”s not the point. Thank you, Mr President for saying
    this. Can I give you a hug and a muffin basket?

  3. @letstalkaboutstuff I don’t have to give examples to prove the point of my
    post. Obama already did that in this video – DODT repeal, DOMA repeal,
    calling out fellow politicians on his actions, etc… I know perfectly well
    what the patriot act is – and I don’t care. Why? Because I believe that
    parts of the PA are necessary for now, I also believe that it isn’t
    priority. I -also- think that subscribing to conspiracy theories is counter
    productive – and those “Secret” additions are just that.

  4. Wow, if “letstalkaboutstuff” spent as much time, I don’t know, reading a
    book or becoming educated on relevant issues and not from conspiracy theory
    websites, maybe they’d be able to contribute to society. Get a life, please.

  5. @ChristianWorldOrder2 So… you’re saying, Bush started ObamaScare and
    Obama is continuing it? LOL! Also, the new, over-reaching regulations that
    the Obama administration started, were actually started by Bush? This is a
    problem with Ron Paul supporters… anyone but Ron Paul, is a road block to
    having marijuana legalized… so you think attacking the two main parties
    will help you. It won’t, because Paul still acts like a grumpy old man!

  6. the CIA is responsible for over 8 million deaths… can we call them nazis
    now? Albright, GHW Bush and Bill Clinton killed over 500,000 iraqi kids
    thru sanctions alone… can we call them nazis now? GW Bush and Cheney
    killed millions Iraqis, Afghanis… can we call them nazis now? Obama is
    assassinating American citizens who weren’t even charged with a crime, let
    alone prosecuted… can we call Obama a nazi now? Ron Paul For Peace In
    2013! —Real News @ RevolutionNews.US

  7. Ha-Ha! I’m a gay African-American male, and even I don’t buy President
    Obama’s bullshit!!! This brotha is a lying, cold-hearted war criminal, for
    crying out loud!!! And you’re an absolute idiot!!!

  8. @AntichristComes I read that obama has increased the number of pages in the
    whitehouse- I assume these R jobs that he is paying people off with at
    taxpayer expense-ALL he knows how to do is spend money-

  9. obama supporters are like little lambs , being led to the slaughter. dont
    be fooled, gays straight, or indifferent, look at the bigger picture.

  10. @letstalkaboutstuff The Declaration of Independence doesn’t mean a thing,
    IF there aren’t enough people to believe it… and there isn’t. MOST
    Americans don’t really believe that God created them… they think they
    evolved. There are about 1.5 MILLION abortions each year in America… is
    that a belief in a God that created us?? You better find somebody to vote
    for… or there might be a dictatorship under Obama.

  11. people have been killed for being gay. Vietnam was a big world crisis and
    it’s not like Martin L. King jr would have not given the “I have a dream”
    speech. JFK and LBJ were big supporters of equality at the same time that
    this war was going on.

  12. Was this speech about anything specifically, or was this a “General
    Off-topic” forum speech?

  13. im gay , this whole thing is just a distraction from whats realy going on
    in the USA , This man is a tyrant . theres a reason why we learn about
    tyrants in school. its so we can recognize when a charismatic leader is
    distracting a public and making them think controlling and spying on
    citizens of the world is alright.

  14. @letstalkaboutstuff “It doesn’t say go on a shooting spree” Where did I
    say,”shooting spree”?? You can’t read very well, can you? The U.S.
    Constitution says, to form a militia… which is for the express purpose of
    taking back our government. You read part of the Declaration of
    Independence to me… NOW, go read the U.S. Constitution!

  15. I’m realizing that at this point in time, there are two fundamental types
    of American politicians: Those who believe America’s motto is “In God We
    Trust” and those who know that our motto is “E. Plurbus Unum” (Out of many,

  16. Amazing beautiful fantastic this is what america stands for and no nazi
    republican or Christian nazis will ever change that. This is the UNITED
    state! We are all free and respected together or we are not. We can only
    make it together. Stop the hate! Refuse to hate tell your churches no more

  17. NEW VIDEO: “Obama’s Jobs Act F-BOMB!” Obama drops the F-bomb during his
    Jobs speech! CLICK ObamaSnippetsDotCom

  18. He is the most inspiring person ever. The way he speaks of things like this
    makes you wonder who could be against him, who could go against what he
    plainly shows as wrong. I love this video.

  19. @letstalkaboutstuff Of course you can prove the bull shit you are
    spreading. Sure you can’t. It’s people like you that a Kathy Olbermann or
    Edna Schultz even exist. Someone stupid enough to chug on their nightly
    bull shit. Look at the leftees in this country and what they do just
    recenlty in WI and now Wall Street, idiot college pukes and union thugs. My
    dream is to see a flash mob or some angry mod led by Van Jones or Mike
    Moore coming at me with my .45-70.

  20. @letstalkaboutstuff i dont hate you and im not racialy motinated hes a joke
    and hasnt change what needs to change all you got stuck on was a couple of
    my words open you mind. the goverment is fucking us everday.

  21. @haz464 Pretty sure I said something, but I’m not going to feed your fifth
    grade maturity level any more.

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