16 Comments on “President Obama just sent Troops to Uganda!”

  1. @SilentPrayingmanTis The Bible was written by man, therefore it has mans
    mistakes regardless if it says it was inspired by God. Please I am a grown
    up, not a child who believes in Miracles and fairy tales.

  2. @WhatsAfterThisPlace yea its like having a conversation w/ someone who
    thinks the creator of the universe is equvalant to santa clause… your so
    smart, have fun in hell.:)

  3. @SilentPrayingmanTis lol I love your last comment, I will have fun in hell
    indeed, but I would figure that the creator/God would have actual contact
    with its creation instead of playing hide and seek peekabu. I dont
    understand this big complication I 100% dont, I grew up with out no father
    so I know the feeling of not having anyone to look up to besides myself,
    and I dont see a God, I used to believe in God, but you know…. I finally
    grew up.

  4. @SilentPrayingmanTis sure bud, wat ever you say. Hey God can I ask you
    something? God…… GOD!!?…..GOD!!??……nope he aint answering, tell
    him to call me to my cell so we can talk? ok.

  5. @bsteadman1 wow you are an obvious right winger, the whole Obama birth
    thing was already declared a flat lie even by the right wingers, and here
    you are a moron still stuck in the Political Propaganda system believing
    their game and lie LOL. I am glad the USA is now a shit hole and that its
    no longer a super power, because I would rather have that than people like
    you running around with their lies and propaganda pushing their agenda, I
    hate Obama but I know he is an American so stop bullshiting

  6. Barack Hussein Obama II, illegal POTUS fraud, was born August 4, 1961 at
    the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya and NOT in Hawaii as
    he claims. A high resolution copy of OBAMA’S KENYAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE is
    available for free download at WasObamaBornInKenya (DOTcom) … Lucas Daniel
    Smith obtained a certified copy of Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate from
    the birth hospital in February 2009. His amazing story is told in a VIDEO
    that is also available for viewing at the same website.

  7. The people of Libya were fooled and now have once again rejoined the ”
    Club” I’m talking about the club of poverty and misery like other African
    countries i see. They won’t be let free ever again. I know they would hate
    the truth because the truth hurts.

  8. God knows all of this and ONE day true justice will be served to all of
    humankind who happen to required justice infront of God. Gaddaffi was a
    humanbeing like any other. therefor, no one had to right to take his life
    away. I hear them calling ” Liberating the people of Libya” Really?

  9. I’ll take the chicken shwarma with a ghadafi chapati, please. mmm, mmmm
    good! Seriously, it’s nice she’s at least making a good profit on that
    SOB’s name.

  10. @WhatsAfterThisPlace sorry it doesnt work like that there are rules, but
    you do have direct acces to God’s throne room if u say a prayer.

  11. Obama is a Muslim. 666 was mistranslated. the Lord does not use gematria.
    Please look up walied shoebate here on you tube for more intormation.

  12. @WhatsAfterThisPlace Religion is man made the bible is the word of God,
    Jesus was against religion. Godd bless

  13. @SilentPrayingmanTis oh so there are rules to getting a obvious life
    changing experience? wow what a complicated God, its like not having a dad
    nor having contact with him, but somehow you can have contact? Wow

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