30 Comments on “President Obama Speaks for Gay Civil Rights”

  1. Sickening!wolf in sugary sheep’s clothing- slick piedpiper to the gullible!
    calling marriage “abhorrent”(DOMA)preaching that fundamental ETERNAL human
    values are outmoded.u PREACH counterfeits as “rights.” Marriage & sexuality
    will always be true, never perversion. Sly wicked fox &ultimate fool! How
    grossly abhorrent to equate racial equality with the PRACTICE of
    perversion! U seek to retool society to accommodate perversion rather than
    help WITH LOVE & RESPECT lgbts to freedom from perversion.

  2. If you hate another being because of who they are then god be with YOU. No
    gays are worried about rejection from our lord because they know Jesus love
    every single one of us gay or straight . You should be worried because hate
    is ugly and isn’t they way of our lord .

  3. @xxxODIUMxxx You honestly believe that if we ‘had christ’ everything would
    be fine and dandy? haha.

  4. i dont care whatever religion now.. but i wish malaysia prime minister have
    thought like Obama… love u Obama <3

  5. @GrandInquisitor7 Fred Phelps worships the Rectum, ANY Rectum as long as
    it’s a blood relative. VOTE OBAMA!

  6. both links are from videos here at u tube. what pres obama is doing, is
    just wrong. he aint gonna get re-elected. he screw he`s election already
    with this.

  7. What GOP needs to understand is if they truly believe in small government.
    A good place to start is staying out of my girlfriends womb and my
    neighbors bedroom. If society was remade tomorrow, how possibly would a
    couple who are in love and want to publicly commit to each other say to
    themselves “hey lets get the government involved in this deal” Gay mariage
    involves no one but the couple and possibly there families. Jesus never
    said one word against homosexuality so get of the high horse

  8. You think that because he’s black he’s muslim. you know how racist you are
    being? you are also incredibly dumb to think this

  9. @GrandInquisitor7 thank you, the man is a blasphemer- and furthermore needs
    to be impeached for war crimes

  10. Or at least this is my fantasy. Come to think of it, I think about the
    rectum more than the average gay. Time to get some serious help for my
    mental disease.

  11. See, the bible is outdated. We don’t follow laws from the bible cuz then
    we’d have to stone everybody for something -____- As for gay marriage, I’m
    not gay so I don’t care if it’s legal for a gay couple to get married or
    not. This is how everyone should feel. There’s no reason to NOT let gay
    people get married. So why not? If you think something is wrong with gay
    marriage then you’re just stupid -____-

  12. Even if gay is a choice, doesn’t the US constitutioin guarantee the
    freedom of choices from religious, expression, and the pursuit of happiness?

  13. i don’t understand why sexuality is a political question, its none of ur
    goddamn business if i wanna marry a guy

  14. @xxxODIUMxxx where is Christ when you need him the most, to hell with
    religion! i would love to meet the devil himself and hear his side of the
    story, god disowned his own angel, no wonder he wants to take the world for
    his own, and just like his angel, god has disowned us. We need to find the
    truth of why he are here, How could there possibly be a God? there is an
    infinate cycle that never ends ( too deep to talk about on this messege but
    if you want i’ll send you a seperate page)

  15. And also screw gay bashers and everybody against them god loves everybody
    equally obama speaks the truth

  16. @slanderskikio wrong obama is pathetic unfortunately he’s just like hitler,
    he’s doing everything he did, bush cannot be left un-accounted he ain’t
    doing shit to build the country, he’s turning into a communist police state
    and you think that is good? Son review your history study prophecy and do
    codes, and come to me when you know your history, the man is a no account
    pathectic asshole just like Hitler, I hate them both equally

  17. @GrandInquisitor7 = Cafeteria Christian = Fred (the coward child abuser)
    Phelps Zombie. Why don’t you address what phillipem01 has mentioned?
    Getting a short circuit in the brainwashed skull of yours?

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