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  1. Is there any doubt that Barack Obama is acting more and more like a

    Obama is now using executive actions to implement law which is illegal and
    entirely unconstitutional. The fact that there is no political will to
    impeach him shows once again that there is no difference between the
    Republicans or Democrats.

    These two political parties are nothing more than two factions of a corrupt
    political system. If there was true opposition, impeachment proceedings
    would have begun long ago.

    The Republicans won’t even touch the issue of impeachment despite countless
    scandals and criminal acts like,
    the IRS targeting Tea Party groups
    the Benghazi debacle
    the Justice Department spying on reporters
    the ATF delivering guns to Mexican drug cartels
    unconstitutional NSA surveillance activities
    This just reveals how controlled they are.

    It could easily be argued that just one of the Obama scandals is many times
    worse than the Watergate fiasco which forced Richard Nixon to resign from
    the Presidency back in the 1970s. What makes this so sick is that despite
    all of this insanity, Obama is so filled with hubris that he now thinks he
    can make law with his pen and phone through executive actions.

    This was a major theme of his recent State of the Union speech in which he
    openly announced his so-called year of action.

    Take for example the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare which
    he spent several years trying to cram down everyone’s throat. Now that this
    disastrous law has been implemented, Obama is unilaterally making
    politically convenient changes to the same law that he begged everyone to

    There are also many other unconstitutional executive actions that Obama has
    taken such as,
    raising the minimum wage of federal contractors
    the implementation of the myIRA program,
    …and others.

    What’s scary is that this appears to be just the beginning of him engaging
    in this activity. Clearly these actions are not within the President’s
    authority as only Congress has the constitutional authority to make changes
    to law.

    The President’s role is to faithfully execute the law as it is not make
    changes to it if there is something they don’t like.

    Undoubtedly any Obama worshipping zombies who read this will probably try
    to turn this into a fake Republican versus Democrat debate and point out
    that George W. Bush greatly expanded executive authority through the
    so-called war on terror.

    It is true that Bush expanded the executive branch’s power during his two
    terms in office and he should have also been impeached for doing so.

    He even signed a Presidential directive giving the executive branch
    authority over all three branches of government during a catastrophic
    emergency which was particularly outrageous.

    What it boils down to is that there isn’t any significant difference
    between the actions that Bush and Obama have taken. Their actions combined
    have slowly transformed the Presidency into a dictatorial position.

    When Obama was running for President back in 2008 he openly criticized Bush
    for expanding executive power and bypassing Congress.

    Does it get anymore hypocritical when we see that Obama has done the same
    thing while in office? Besides his recent executive actions, this is a guy
    who unilaterally decided to bomb Libya without Congressional approval.

    He even came close to launching military strikes against Syria until
    finally deciding at the last minute that it would be best to consult
    Congress before opening himself up to potential war crimes.

    If he really felt strongly about the dangers of executive power he would
    not have hesitated to consult with Congress in both instances.

    Simply put, Obama is nothing more than a hypocritical teleprompter reading
    buffoon who speaks out both sides of his mouth. Unfortunately he has gotten
    a pass from so many people just because he has black skin.

    This begs another question,
    Why is it that he is always referred to as a black man when he is actually
    half black and half white?
    Where are the racially obsessed nuts at MSNBC on this one?
    One would think that this type of reporting would be considered racist
    against white people since nobody ever mentions the fact that he’s half

    Isn’t Obama equally proud of his white heritage as he is his black
    heritage? Of course these clowns will only talk about race when they can
    point out or invent racism and bigotry that’s allegedly being directed
    against blacks or queers.

    Since it is possible that Obama is actually a closet homosexual it is no
    wonder why they go out of their way to protect him.

    Rumors of Obama doing cocaine and engaging in homosexual activity have been
    reported for years. Not only that but he throws a baseball like an
    un-athletic little girl and he sucks at basketball.

    The stories of him being a high school basketball player are probably
    invented just like the rest of his fraudulent manufactured persona. When
    Newsweek put out a cover with Obama on it featuring the headline “First Gay
    President”, it is possible that they meant it literally as an inside joke.

    To conclude, there is little doubt that Obama is turning the Presidency
    into more of a dictatorship as each day goes by. He’s now openly changing
    and implementing laws through executive actions which is blatantly illegal.

    As a supposed constitutional lawyer he should know full well that he is
    breaking the law and this makes him doubly as guilty. He was recently
    caught on camera saying that since he’s President he can do whatever he

    America better watch out because it looks like he really means it and who
    knows what madness he’s prepared to unleash.

  2. Obama dreams of my father and hitler dream of my struggle seem like these
    dudes are related , cousins for taking over America

  3. #ImpeachObama #TryObamaForTreason #Benghazi #NSA #NDAA #IRS #ObamaCareLies
    #SealTeamSix #FastAndFurious #InvadingLibya #InvadingYemen
    #BombingPregnantWomen #BombingWomenAndChildren #FundingMuslimBrotherhood
    Created by Nazi’s and Adolph hitler in the 1930’s As well as
    #FundingIslamicJihad Groups Connected to
    Al-CIA-DA, Literally Committing Treason. Wake Up America.

  4. I am very, very discontented.
    PS: The blond hag at the end of this film is the chair?! And who is the

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  7. Horrible man. We remember him from the 1980s. We hope he never runs for
    President. This would be the end of privacy. This guy likes to spy.

  8. Obama is second hitler of now, only if he repent to other nations and Jesus
    will this hitler have pity from people

  9. President Obama and the First Lady Host the 2014 Governors’ Dinner. Go
    watch that vid if you like 1 way communication from a dictator. No comments
    no ratings just what he thinks is GOOD. Funny how most Americans disagree
    even when you add the paid for forum shills paid to be pro liberal lunatic.
    Yeah freedom of speech freedom of thought NOT on the paid for by the people
    white house channel 50 percent of the time. There should be a option for no
    comments or ratings pre clicking on the video. As if people knew they were
    shut off they would avoid those videos. The way it is now you have to give
    a view to see the NON freedom of speech. Would be much better if those vids
    had a hundred or 2 views instead of thousands who instantly clicked out of
    it after finding censorship.

  10. Hey everyone remember back when stupid people came from the outskirts of
    cities and towns? Well in the modern liberal lunacy world hillbillies are
    rocket scientists compared to SKY SCRAPPER billies… The
    asphalt/cement/rusty metal necks have some serious learning disabilities
    and not 1 should have a license let alone the ability to vote. Look who is
    in office thanks to a minority of developmentally challenged

  11. Obama is hitler and Obama follower is nazi, simple because I say this
    because he Obama is coping tons of hitler old works, Jesus is lord

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