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  1. Why the fuck are people outraged about this? For years facebook and fuck
    face Mark Zuckerberg have been selling *all* of your information to any
    entity that would pay. NO website has violated our rights like Facebook.

  2. Facebook got real cliche and predictable it’s just inpirational quotes
    people taking pictures of their coffee at Starbucks and people whining
    about how bored they are, i’m thinking about deleting my Facebook.

  3. How exactly does facebook know which one you post are boring or exciting?
    Does someone go through it and check it or something?

  4. Yikes, this is definitely touching on an ethical line that could surely
    open a can of worms. We’re curious to see how this proceeds from the tech
    giant. Thanks for the update +The Young Turks! 

  5. *why did PNAS publish a study without informed consent from the
    participants?* true, FB doesn’t need to consent to manipulate feeds re:
    terms of service, but once they try to publish these findings, the journal
    should’ve asked “where are your motherfück1n consent forms, b1tches?”

  6. TYT needs to know the difference between “I signed a random Facebook form
    without reading because all my friends are on it” and “informed consent”.

    This is unethical bullshit that shouldn’t be accepted by any
    self-respecting scientific body. Nor should Facebook be free to manipulate
    people without informing them about it thoroughly beforehand.

  7. Quit FB 2-1/2 years ago & never looked back. Main reason was due to the
    annihilation of the different “likes” in media categories I used as an up
    to date repository for interests of mine to share with friends. Was a great
    way to separate mainstream fools from free thinkers. The other reasons were
    the new page layouts, feeds & overall lack of personalization. I complained
    but they never listen or gave any kind of response, as they treat
    individuals as ants, unlike Google. G+ isn’t perfect, but they have
    listened to me & given the sort of social media personalization I sought.
    This is my exclusive YouTube account, my “public” one. Keep em’ separate

  8. I lasted 4 months on Facebook before I got bored. People just post
    nonsense. It just makes you realize how superficial you yourself are, which
    made me feel really bad. Instagram is even worse.

  9. So what, who cares, you use the site so it’s your fault. I think this
    actually very clever of them, I think this could be used with ads and even
    games to make people buy things or look at ads. I love this, it’s just so
    brilliant and I’m tired of this bitching.

  10. The down-side of Facebook is its use as a convenient platform for
    self-aggrandizement, dissemination of propaganda(political,
    enviromental,etc), cyber-bullying, slander and libel, and other
    misinformation to promote self-interests and agendas.

    I wonder if Facebook has worked out(or is working on) a way to distinguish
    those posts that contain dissimulative content, false magnanimity,
    political expediency, and other contraptions of deception with the metrics
    they gather?

    #Facebook #socialmedia #socmedia #psychology

  11. Okay, but that tiny change is huge enough for it to be a bad thing.
    Imagine how a government does this to their citizens.

  12. My name is J.M., and I’ve been clean for 4 years. It started as innocent
    catching up with old friends. Then I noticed my Facebook “friendships”
    being commercialized. Then it really started going downhill, as more and
    more Facebook friends took to narcissistic navel-gazing through so-called
    “selfies” and “updates” (fixation) on how many miles they ran today or what
    they’re ordering at Starbucks. Lots of friends started having obsessions
    over which Facebook friend dropped them, and others began posting even more
    about how “whimsical” and “ironic” they are. I hit rock-bottom, trapped in
    a masturbathon of vanity. Then, the intervention. Luckily, I still had
    friends and family that were able to actually call me and ask about how
    things are going, instead of “liking” my “status”. Thanks for listening.

  13. Of course people are manipulated emotionally, what percentage of the
    world’s population is religious? If people focused more on facts, there
    would be a lot less problems.

  14. I would say TYT attempts to manipulate peoples’ emotions with their
    clickbait headlines.

  15. So much butthurt. Your feelings are your own. Don’t read sappy shit if you
    don’t want to see it.

  16. How do people do that? “Facebook didn’t want to conduct some big social
    experiment. They just did some secret social experiment.” Yes, I am
    parapharsing, but no you dont get to say facebook wasn’t conducting social
    experiments, in a video outing them for conducting social experiments. You
    can try to word this anyway you want, facebook did a social experiment,
    without consent. Deplorable, as is trying to word it as creatively as
    possible to call it anything but what it is. It was a non consented

  17. Tell that to my best friend who’s a major Facebook junkie. Seriously, this
    guy’s on Facebook *at least* 8 hours a day…everyday!

  18. i fully agree with what facebook is doing. simple psychological studies. no
    harm done, and either way you choose to go on that site. no one is keeping
    you there. you dont like these studies, delete your account. simple

  19. Facebook is a tool for mass mind control? How could a billion+ users who
    slavishly relinquish their free will to a technological entity be wrong?

  20. This is why I am always aware and in control of what I am seeing. If I
    don’t like what I am seeing, I change it – I am also very aware of how
    facebook manipulates it’s news feed, and therefore am very careful how I
    read and structure my content. If you fell prey to this, you’re a simple
    human, and sad day for you.

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