8 Comments on “Prop 8 Ruling is Just Days Away: June 10 Marriage News Watch”

  1. In states for which there is not strong support for gay marriage yet, it
    may be smart to wait until 2016 for ballot measures. That would give more
    time to build a popular movement and reach people as was done in Maine. In
    addition, in a presidential election year, it is likely that more voters
    who are favourable to equality will be voting. This is especially true in
    the case of younger Americans.

  2. 0:44 The LGBT mega groups always seems to resist marriage equality
    advancement more than the antigays as they did with Gavin Newsome,
    Olson/Boise. I can understand the hesitation when making a big salary.
    YouTube search: Prop. 8 Payback Prank

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