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  1. Thank you Matt for your update; they are the shot of hope and encouragement
    to keep working toward our rights. I am glad you guys are afer are
    continuing bringing them every Monday.

  2. Thanks Matt! Sure like seeing all the ‘Action’ taking place in the various
    states, and look forward to all of the 37 with either legislators now
    moving forward or as in Arkansas, filing lawsuits. Ms Kane in PA – stepping
    right out there defending the Constitution vs PA’s version of DOMA, sweet!

  3. Well i think just like minority race groups don’t face all the hostility
    and bigotry they did back in the 60s they still have to face some of it,
    the same will be true about the LGBT community. I’m sure it will steady get
    better, equality under the law can come quickly, hearts and minds take a
    little bit longer.

  4. No gods exist, so marriage certainly didn’t come from there. Assuming
    you’re talking about the Biblical god, the historical evidence shows that
    the Bible is a political document, not history. Further, it contains
    several different forms of marriage, including polygamy and slavery. Look
    it up yourself. Marriage plainly came from humans deciding amongst
    ourselves how best to structure our families. And, we change it, when it is
    right to do so. Today, marriage is about love and togetherness.

  5. “You’re the one who needs the education. Striking down Sec 2 of DOMA will
    not permit gay marriage to be performed in any new state.” Gotta love the
    irony of these two sentences being back-to-back. NEWSFLASH Einstein:
    Section II declares that states and territories of the United States have
    the right to deny recognition of same-sex marriages that originated in
    other states or territories. Striking it down is a necessary precursor for
    any pan-states ruling. So your last statement is FALSE.

  6. Your map of the U.S. should not be red and blue (imho). That’s too
    reflective of the divisive politics of red-state vs. blue-state. Many
    Republicans support marriage equality, and victories in some states have
    been won with them, and more and more are coming over to the equality side
    – seeing it as a libertarian value. Suggest you refer to HRC’s yellow and
    blue map or choose new colors altogether.

  7. If you go back and look, you’ll see that the voter referendum was not to
    repeal Prop 8, but rather to amend it to ban polygamy, which is not our
    fight. This case got our evidence into the federal system, which can now be
    used in other cases. And it undeniably won public opinion to our side by
    making it a country-wide issue. At the end of the day, nobody cares that
    the appeal was dismissed for lack of standing. It’s seen as a win for

  8. I’m not familiar with the polygamy referendum, but it certainly wan’t OUR
    referendum. State-level work was put on hold for 5 yrs accros the nation
    because of this case. By last year, most people had concluded that the Prop
    8 case was not going to win nationwide legalization as Olsen and Boies had
    assured us. So some resumed working at the state level, with wonderful
    results in WA, ME, MD, MN. You’re right the extra publicity from a federal
    case was a big plus, but the delay was a big minus

  9. It ain’t all happiness and light. In Indiana, Applying For a Gay Marriage
    License is a Felony and they want to try to push that to stop any marriages
    happening there. Back to the Supreme Court again

  10. UK is going to legalize same sex marriage next year. The gracious and
    noble Queen Elizabeth II to sign the bill in few days.

  11. I love seeing Mississippi on the map. I’m glad to see that people in my
    state are working towards changing minds!

  12. Oh yeah things are going to get interesting. Keep up with the updates I was
    starting to think you had disapeared on us.

  13. If you paid attention to what I wrote, you would know it was about the Prop
    8 case, which is the only one where there was a choice between the state
    level and federal level. Olsen and Boies themselves stated that the reason
    for going to the federal courts was to get marriage equality for all 50
    states. We didn’t get that, so it was a defeat. You’re the one who needs
    the education. Striking down Sec 2 of DOMA will not permit gay marriage to
    be performed in any new state.

  14. Marriage wasn’t invented by religion, it was merely institutionalized by
    it. Religious opinion regarding this subject is irrelevant as your religion
    is based in fantasy and not reality. If you say you don’t believe that the
    sun won’t come up tomorrow, it doesn’t make you right, it just makes you an

  15. You say at the end of the report that the other states will have marriage
    equality, ‘soon enough.’ It’s NOT soon enough – each day that goes by is
    painful for the couples in the 37 states that don’t recognize the freedom
    to marry.

  16. A thousand pardons… I guess I was too busy focusing on the whiny
    now-or-nothing perspective you take (to something that no one promised a
    time frame on), to notice. From Olson & Boies: “What we got was a decision
    that I think lays the groundwork for decisions all across the country to
    establish marriage equality in every one of the 50 states, which is what we
    set out to do.” 6/26/13 to Piers Morgan So, why should anyone take the word
    from the likes of you, that this was in any way a failure?

  17. this is really good news. I am hoping that the next generation will not
    have to experience all the hostility and bigotry that is still rampant
    today. So far, so good. 🙂

  18. Get real. This was not a victory, it was defeat. Remember, the purpose of
    the FEDERAL case was to get marriage equality extended to all 50 states.
    Most people in 2008 said we should just work at the state level. If we had
    done that, we would have had a new voter referendum to overturn Prop 8, and
    would have reinstated marriage equality probably in 2010, certainly by
    2012. All this case did was spend a lot of money and waste a lot of time.
    Let’s get back to work at the state level.

  19. It is just fair that same sex marriage is now accepted and that new
    generations dont have to deal with this negative connotation. I hope it
    happens in my lifetime.

  20. Looks like you don’t understand English very well. What I said is
    absolutely true, and I chose my words carefully to try to make sure you
    couldn’t misunderstand it. I said “striking down DOMA will not permit gay
    marriage to be PERFORMED in any new state”. Somebody in Alabama would still
    have to travel to Maryland to get married – that’s not marriage equality,
    it’s a full faith and credit issue. Marriage equality is a due
    process/equal protection issue – it isn’t dependent on a DOMA ruling.

  21. “Remember, the purpose of the FEDERAL case was to get marriage equality
    extended to all 50 states.” Says who? Because last I checked, the dockets
    of US v Windsor stated a challenge to Section 3 of DOMA, as per the DPC of
    the 5th amendment. And it won. Section 2 of DOMA would have to be struck
    down in order to instantly grant nationwide marriage equality, and neither
    Hollingsworth v. Perry nor US v Windsor addressed that. Educate yourself,
    before you run around screaming “defeat.”

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