5 Comments on “Protest Over Boy’s Anti-Gay Song Met With Backlash”

  1. Why not? Because we’re attracted to different people? So what? We’re human
    being too. Don’t we deserve fair treatment? Also, do you have any way of
    proving that God is real?

  2. Oh my, how dare they have pride in who they are! Damn it, It’s people like
    you that drive gay people to kill themselves by making them feel guilt and
    shame for something they can’t control. And if your only argument against
    homosexuality is that your “God” doesn’t like it, then you have a pretty
    shitty fucking argument.

  3. No people don’t cause them to kill them selves it’s sin.Sin brings
    shame,Guilt,confusion,depression.You can lie to your flesh but your heart
    knows the truth and you will never convince your heart that it’s ok and
    that is what causes them to kill them selves.Trust me it’s a spirit from
    the pits of HELL.God can bring you out but you have to know what your up
    against.And you had better find someone that knows what there talking
    about.It’s not born or learned it’s a DEVIL spirit.

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