13 Comments on “Protests against Russia’s anti-gay laws in 33 cities”

  1. Equality is equality, regardless of numbers. This may be an inaccurate
    assumption but from your grammar it appears as though you disagree with
    homosexuals campaigning for equal rights. I retract it if this is

  2. Believe me, it will have positive results in the case of propagandists
    being arrested for promotion for sodomy and lechery to children.

  3. You only making it worse, it’s sad that you don’t even realise that. The
    more non-russian people complain about our way of living, the angrier
    russian people feel. I’m hoping that the west will stop “helping” as soon
    and just let as figure out what is right and what is wrong by ourselves. We
    a not a bad people, ya know..

  4. Your ignorance astounds me. I am astounded that you have the mental
    capacity to find sustenance to fuel your body in order to sit-up, establish
    an internet connection, and begin typing such farcical dribble

  5. You poor thing.The disease of gayety has turned your brain to mush. Damn
    you, gayety, how many more must you take from us? Where is the funding for
    research to find a cure? Where is the “Find a Cure for Gayety Foundation”?

  6. I find it very sad that the disease of gayety is so prevalent. It’s an
    epidemic by disease control standards and medical science has no cure or
    prevention. They don’t even know what causes it. Since they can’t find a
    physical cause, it must be a mental illness. Penises are just not
    attractive things unless you either have a uterus pumping mind warping
    hormones into your bloodstream or you’re just mentally ill. Normal ppl just
    say “blech” when they see a penis or sperm.

  7. This is pretty much a first for an emerging people. Hopefully with this
    campaign having positive results, these sorts of protests can be held to
    bring attention to the persecution and murders of LGBT in the Persian Gulf,
    West Indies and East Africa. Baby steps…

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