24 Comments on “Purr-fect Protection: Sochi sanctuary helps leopards survive”

  1. “Sochi sanctuary helps leopards survive” While stray cats and dogs are
    being exterminated on a mass scale. Why not report on that? OH RIGHT!
    Because Putin said you are not allowed.

  2. amazing it takes a furry little animal to put a smile on my face, all other
    moment i look at mature adults and i get frustrated and angry at the
    stupidity, imaturity, arrogance, ignorance and denial of our species

  3. Wow, slow news day, RT? 

  4. lovely to see….. Putin is helping the leopards, whilst he brings in
    legislation to hound the lgbt community to death.
    Eh any chance the Russian government could see the hipocracy in this?

  5. Next time, It will be Siberian Tiger, Panda and some endangered Crocodile.
    If that ever happened, It will be the real thing for saving these species.

  6. I fear that President Putin is breeding a troop of combat leopards to
    compliment his secret army of battle bears. You’ve been warned.

  7. comon this is boring shit,i remember the days when you uploaded videos
    about giant explosions and battles in syria what happened?

  8. Leopards are really beautiful animals ^ ^
    Too bad we Humans are treating our animal friends like shit, We hunt
    them,shoot them and steal their natural habitat..

  9. Ha, as the cub walks to the cameraman around 2:30, the caretaker tells the
    cub to bite the operator (in russian). Them jokesters

  10. WHY would anyone down-rate this vid? It’s about these kittens..not some
    illuminati conspiracy..

  11. isn’t there something about the significance of the leopard and the olympic
    colour on a certain mural in the new world denver airport? just a thought.

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