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  1. Even though I have no hatred against Homosexuals or their freedom of
    Relationships/Marriage, Iʻm not going to support their hatred against
    Russiaʻs Anti-Gay laws. Anyone who thinks what Putin is doing is considered
    If you donʻt like what heʻs doing for his country, then go to a place where
    your ideals are acceptable. Donʻt tell other countries to live their way in
    your particular fashion. You have freedom & rights, but so do those who
    differ from you.

  2. Blatantly obvious homosexual is obvious.. There sits, there stands a
    Closet-gay man by the name “Vladimir Putin”. He knows how to dress right,
    he clearly is very obsessed with himself. He should jump out of the Putin
    closet, because i honestly believe that it is very very lonely in there..
    And when it gets lonely and the fear seems to strike (OH No.. NO one could
    ever KNOW, that would destroy PUTIN) he tries to put Homosexuals and
    pedophiles together in the same boat, an insecure trick which is misleading
    and leads to pure hatred, so he can step back knowing not to fear that
    anyone will ever find out that the amount of cocks Putin have secretly
    sucked is not to be count by hand.

  3. I’m glad that he is forcing this law, in America they are trying to make
    people become gay through a slow process. Starting from kindergarten (books
    daddy’s best friend, my two dads etc) all the way to adult hood, you see we
    are being conditioned in America to accept being gay as acceptable, and
    honestly, the entire agenda will stop the growth of family structure
    between man, and women, HOW IT’S MENT TO BE.

  4. I find putin his whole appearance: gay propaganda. not that i care. but
    he’s a hypocrite!

  5. “Gay” is a mad up phoney word. It was made up by sexual deviants to make
    their sick behaivour more acceptable to society. These people have deviated
    from societal folkways, morays and norms. Since they deviated sexually they
    are sexual deviants. Sociology 101 lesson over you fuckin faggots. Go

  6. Well I don’t think it right to promote the queer lifestyle to
    impressionable children. Any sexual perversion from natural procreation is
    a danger to young formative minds. Putin for UK PM and we would not be
    overrun with criminal immigrants either. I vote shoot fudge packing paedos.

  7. Eve F**ked everyone up when she ate the fruit. Messed up God’s plan for
    perfection, BUUUUT He’s not finished writing His story yet and we all know
    the ending. Question is, are you wiling to fight against your sinful nature
    that wants to rebel against Him or are you willing to swallow your pride,
    calm your lusts (even if you are “born that way”) and do your best and do
    your best to return to a state of grace? I know which side I’ve picked

  8. The more I hear Putin speak the more impressed I am. I have nothing
    against gays but stop and think about this: how many times in your life can
    you remember a mother or father walking up to you to tell you how proud
    they are their son or daughter is gay?

  9. If only he would introduce a law banning Putin propaganda, tell us about
    his relationship with the oligarchs and how he is making laws to punish
    people who criticise his rule, as he wraps the flag of Russia around
    himself he is hard for idiots to spot – they just see the flag.

    Russian gays are citizens and Russians too and if Russia is a democracy
    then Putin is just a public servant – and public servants have a duty to
    the public – including gay citizens, he is not above them – he is not their
    ‘stern parent’.

  10. Why don’t you worry about russia’s children growing up in orphange’s
    and being abused or worry about the ones that are sent to internat’s and
    sit in cribs all there life’s stop worrying about what grown ass adults
    do in there own home YOU BALD HEADED FUCKER.

  11. it has only been slightly noticed by media, or acknowledged by history, but
    in the winter of 1932/33, approximately 5 million ukranian peasants were
    starved to death by stalin. his marxist/collectivist ideas just weren’t
    taking. millions of others were executed by forced labor and exposure, in
    forced marches (10 million altogether in his own estimate). disregarding
    the preceding armenian genocide, pursued jointly by turkey and russia
    (interesting point; germany sent observers, which is possibly one reason
    why their own holocaust was so well organized; the armenian was not), that
    is an impressive number of murders. and it is a political tactic familiar
    to vladimir. this witch hunt of his has not risen to the level of a
    genocide thus far, but the spirit and aim are identical. it is intended to
    distract attention from his own failed government, and deflect it to a
    minority to which a definition of its fully human status and legal
    protections of rights appropriate to it have only recently been accorded.
    internationally, that event has been embraced. but russia remains an
    illiterate, backwater, totalitarian country. and not many are really
    wondering how this kgb spook intends to use it next. nevertheless, when he
    attacks gays as a threat to children, he himself includes gay children in
    it. and he retains the power to influence the lives of yours. i hope that
    americans will unite in opposing this barbaric act, for the sake of logic,
    and decency; and to demonstrate that such acts of atrocity will not be
    trivialized insignificant by a kgb thug.

  12. the dislikes on this video are brainwashed americans who are against the
    bible and are sinners

  13. When people take decisive action on what they believe in, it’s an
    indication of strength and confidence. When they don’t, it’s an indication
    of insecurity and weakness.

  14. euronews: “so called homosexual propaganda”
    Hey western media shit. If you care so much about homosexual why aren’t you
    attacking Saudi Arabia, Qatar? these countries Oppose homosexuals and homos
    are sent to Death or prison for life . In Saudi Arabia Women don’t have the
    right to drive a car.
    Oh wait your western leaders are big Ally to Saudi Arabia…..

  15. Oh shut up, faggots! They didn’t outlaw homosexuality itself, they outlawed
    the promotion and advertisement of homosexuality. Egalitarianism is a false
    belief. No one is born equal to one another. Keep your sexuality to
    yourself in your own private property that has four walls around it. Your
    gay pride is meaningless and should be instead an embarrassment / shame
    rather than pride while inviting youngsters to consider trying
    homosexuality out. You can do whatever the fuck you want with another guy
    in your own bedroom, just keep your homosexual life at home. Your private
    sex life is no longer private when you talk about it, or when you show it
    to public. From that point, you crossed the line and accept the
    consequences that you will get a negative reaction by those who don’t want
    the world to know about your private sex life. The LGBT community always
    complains about how other people should learn to accept the fact that
    people will not always agree on the same thing and that everyone has their
    own opinion, yet they don’t care about how people disagree with gay
    parades, they think others should have the same opinions about
    homosexuality and tolerate every second action the LGBT promotes. What if I
    had a kid, and he brought home a book called “The Prince and the Prince”
    from school to read as his homework? If I ever complain to the school board
    about it, I am immediately labelled as a neo-nazi fascist, and then again
    gays are the victims of homophobia for brainwashing kids that they
    shouldn’t judge homosexuality unless they experimented anal sex with
    another man once in their life. I went to my doctor, and he told me that I
    am one of the few people who never answered “both”. Thanks to affirmative
    action, LGBT organizations, and other egalitarian social institutions and
    associations funded at the expense of taxpayers, there is a rise in
    bisexuality, or to be more exact, a rise in bi-curious experimentation
    amongst today’s young generation. This will spread STDs at an epidemic
    level. What will be next? Husbands cheating on their wives as long as its
    the same sex will become a “social norm”? Who knows what LGBT
    organizations are planning in their heads. They’ll come up something that
    will only bring destruction and chaos to society. Today, there are parents
    who force their sons hormone treatments and make them dress like girls, and
    there is nothing that stops them, but the government immediately takes away
    your kids if you name your child Hitler, but naming your child Muhammed
    (the mass murderer, rapist, pedophile who founded Islam) or planning their
    sex change operation is a-fuckingOK. What has happened to the West? It’s
    becoming worse than the Wiemar Republic in Pre-Nazi Germany.

  16. Gay is normal and acceptable – -This is rubbish, of course, but if you
    repeat rubbish often enough and loud enough, most people will come to
    believe it, or how could Cameron have become, Prime Minister? with support
    from Libdems and filthy labour Rot in Hell those organizations including
    google, youtube, C4, and government for prompting this totally minority
    cause which already was covered by earlier partnership bills…. This
    country is sickening to the core and now we are manipulating
    children..Thank you RUSSIA well Done

  17. Can you say Dick Tate Or Putin who is trying to find a way to close the
    iron curtain again.

  18. Good on Putin. In the end, Russia might yet be the savior of a decadent
    suicidal Europe.
    The reality is that Putin (as an ex-KGB man, that is the “ex-” applies to
    the KGB which is now called something else) knows where all this “gay”
    propaganda comes from. Stalin & Beria sent the degenerate “Frankfurt
    School” “scholars” to the West so as to undermine Western morals &
    supposedly facilitate a Soviet take over. Now the gay propagandists are
    paving the way for an Islamic take over of the West.

  19. I’m with Putin on this one, he doesn’t want gay people to promote their
    sexuality to minors. Let children be children. Some but not all gay people
    feel the need to shout it from the rooftops and let the world know they are
    gay. We don’t need to know whether anyone is gay, straight, bisexual or
    whatever their preference may be. Let kids get on with being kids.

  20. I feel sad for Russia – they spent so long under Tsars and then brutal
    Soviet dictators and then Oligarchs who took all their money, now it’s back
    to Tsars like Putin (and the oligarchs with him).

    Russia is on the same moral and developmental level as Uganda in taking
    this course, congratulations.

  21. The law bans medical and scientific discussions and publications from being
    made public. It requires everyone to act as if homosexuality does not exist
    in humans or other animals in spite of being discovered in every species
    studied. This is a law that favors ignorance over education, cruelty over
    compassion, and common prejudice over common humanity.

  22. I really wish for you the best, and I do wish for you the “diversity”
    experience of being sodomized by minorites. I would like to propose to you
    a list of African countries, that a group of your own people can get
    together to deport you to. Maybe when you get what you want, you can stop
    harrassing others. Unlike women, male/fag prostitutes are cheap (they’ll
    even pay you). You can also freely speak about “gay rights” to them, in
    fact, go to Somolia and preach there.

  23. Examples? Easy 2008, 2012 gay parades in Vilnius Lithuania, none of the
    parade’s participants were speaking Lithuanian, that means that Lithuanians
    did not participate, people kept asking Police officials, what are
    foreigners doing in their home town, when data was gathered, the
    participants happened to be from Netherlands and Germany, which is West,
    same situation happened all over the Eastern block countries: Ukraine
    (Kiev), Russia (Moscow), Georgia (Tbilisi).

  24. “transpeople” are not homosexuals, you ignorant person. And you haven’t
    answered what they do to transgenders in Iran. You are just full of it. You
    could simply use google and you wont even do that. And you discriminate
    against zoophiles and pedophiles and you call yourself liberal? I guess to
    you, Science means bundling all things together and not distinguishing
    right? Because Scientists are “racists” to you right? Evolution and
    genetics are also racist?

  25. I don’t do this to look hero. I see serious problem and I want that
    something is done to it.

  26. You’re damn right, rsuvorov80! Homosexual behavior is bad and wrong and
    disgusting. Just like beastiality, incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, and
    cannibalism. Back in the 50s people knew that it was wrong. Then later in
    1987, a gay activist Marshall Kirk created a plan to “sell” homosexuality
    to the American public. His sinister plan was called, “The Overhauling of
    Straight America”. Since then, Americans have been fooled into thinking
    that it is normal and good. Now our country is doomed.

  27. Right, so “KILL KILL KILL” right? “Viva Revolucion”? “Viva Communism”?
    Yeah, Kill all religious people? That’s what you’re preaching? I’m sorry to
    tell you this, and I actually feel sad for you, but your loser username
    appears in other videos too, do you really have a life? There was another
    username: Superstubes, I’ve seen this name watching a video 5 years ago,
    and he’s still there. Is that what you gay people do? Just occupy the space
    for comments with your ignorant comments?

  28. As I said, there is no difference. And people are still born to their
    sexualities, and they come to deny it or understand it depending on
    circumstances. When I was little boy in kindergarden, I had crush on other
    boy. I didn’t even know then what gay even was. My father is conservative
    and mother was more concerned of other matters than sexuality. Gay parents
    guide their childs to feel comforable of what they really are, unlike some
    straight parents who ratherly run from reality to denial.

  29. unnatural? 1500 species have been observed with homosexual behavior.
    UNNATURAL NATURE..wait, what?

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