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  1. people of the UK.. mind your own fucking business and keep your nose out of
    other people’s affairs. Why should you give a fuck about something like

  2. just replace the word “homosexual” with the word “black” in the hate speech
    of everyone against same sex marriage. how would it sound, not allowing two
    people who love each other and actually need each other to get married
    because “i dont like your color”? this is disgraceful and shameful
    for the record Zoroastrians are against gay marriage, religions always is
    because what religion does is trying to control people, NOT take care of
    i think religious people should by all means be allowed the right to their
    bigotry, be allowed to talk against gay marriage and not perform same sex
    religious marriages. this way people will see them and their religion for
    what they truely are, anti-human and anti-love

  3. I think gay people should be granted the right to marry , but I also
    believe that the state and the church should be separate and therefore the
    church should be regarded as a separate institution. The church should be
    granted the possibility to deny marrying couples of the same sex. 

  4. Why they feel the need to talk about the church so much when the topic is
    an amendment to law is ridiculous.

  5. It;s funny how a black women (of all people) is so willing to be prejudiced
    towards the marriage rights of LGBT people. I wonder if she would have been
    averse to mixed race marriage laws from the past? 

  6. @Ian M homophobic. Her ‘fear’, whatever that means, for gay marriage has
    nothing to do with her love for God. That girl destroyed everyone on that
    panel! :D

  7. Those of us who hold the view that marriage is between and man and woman
    are not homophobic. It is not an irrational view

  8. Homosexuality i think is a mental disorder its not natural at all a man
    dick is not supposed to go up a mans arse.

  9. @iruparatso
    “Because Christians didn’t invent marriage.”
    Marriage is a command from God, not a human right.
    It was introduced by God for the prevention of fornication
    and for the production of children. Any form of sex
    outside marriage is a sin, not just sodomy.

  10. I totally agree, besides i just think this is another atack on european
    traditional values, next it will be the adoption policy. Marriage its a
    religious concept, gay people should respect that, they can have a regular
    life and live with wathever they want, i dont understad why gays act like
    victims, but moral bondaries must be respected.

  11. No, not picking and choosing. Please try to have an understanding of the
    Bible before you quote it – Christians are not under the Old Covenant but
    the New. I would imagine in the very rare case of hermaphrodites that it
    would be up to the individual to develop which gender was the dominant. But
    this is not the same as homosexuality where neither 2 males or 2 females
    have complementary sexual organs. We are not animals either, but spiritual
    beings created in God’s image.

  12. I also have an exceedingly large vocabulary, swear words are just a small
    part of that. And it is marriage, whether it’s in the eyes of your
    imaginary friend or not.

  13. The problem of banal evil. Nobody thinks they are wicked, as they busily
    dismantle the nest that protects children? Extreme view? Really?

  14. The end of the Church of England. The end of respectable democracy. The end
    of respect for people with different creeds, unless they follow the liberal
    creed. A puff of wind? A storm in a teacup? No, a fire that will never be
    able to be put out until it has eaten everything in its path. Equality? No,
    except that every living thing will be scorched until it has no height at

  15. Why the fuck should anyone respect you? You’re actively trying to disrupt
    peoples right to marry whoever the fuck they want, and to live a happy
    life. You people don’t deserve any fucking respect.

  16. Your attitude that anyone who doesn’t agree with you, regardless of how
    reasonable or logical they try and debate, is automatically a
    bigot/racist/homophobe is laughable and deeply ironic – the fact people
    like you never even realise it is even more delicious. It happened on this
    very show, as I said, Will Self is a vile cunt with vile, bigoted
    assumptions and is rightly rebuffed by Peter Hitchens. “Liberal bigotry is
    the worst because it think’s it’s enlightened.”

  17. I’m just going by what the bible says, just because I don’t believe in him,
    it doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion on the idea of a god, especially
    one that likes to fuck things up. Atheism is not a religion, I’m not going
    to tell you again, it’s evident that nothing penetrates your skull apart
    from ridiculous religious crap. Atheism is perfectly normal compared to how
    majorly fucked up religion is.

  18. Well, no, it’s not. In this case the definition is being changed in order
    for more people to be entitled to equal rights. That’s a pretty damn good
    reason if you ask me.

  19. discrimination: treating someone different because they are different from
    you. denying homosexuals marriage is treating them differently thus we have
    the right to feel discriminated against.

  20. But racist sects like traditional Mormons are forced to marry interracial
    couples even if it offends them. Why should homophobic religions get away
    with something racist religions don’t? Just because there are more of them
    so they’re harder to ignore? That’s not fair is it? Just because the most
    common religions don’t have clearly racist texts, it’s become taboo to be
    against interracial relationships whereas same-sex relationships are “fair
    game” in comparison. That’s not fair either, is it?

  21. I live in England. Type in “is surrogacy legal in the UK” to Google and
    open the first link. In short, after 6 weeks the “surrogate” or rather the
    MOTHER relinquishes her rights by way of a parental order. Why? Where the
    hell do you live?

  22. Gays already have civil partnerships, so there is no need to hijack
    marriage which is a Holy Institution ordained by God between a man and a

  23. we want equal rights not “gay rights”. you can parade straight pride if you
    want to. the MAJORITY want gay marriage legalized and as we live in a
    democracy the majority wins. personally i want adoption rights and not just
    second parent adoption. and finally times change and people need to learn
    to change their values with it

  24. Clergy could be sued if they refuse to carry out ‘gay marriages’, this is
    one of the implications, so if the vicar is offended to carry out the
    religious ritual of religious marriage either in christian or Muslim sense,
    why should his individuality be stopped for the individuality of the
    homosexual couple? i don’t mind gay couples having the same rights as same
    sex couples but why, if we truly live in a liberal society, harm the
    individuality of religious people? we shouldn’t force them

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