27 Comments on “Rachel Maddow – GOP Debate Audience and the Candidates’ Stances on Gay Rights”

  1. Ron Paul is not endorsing heroin He is making a point and believes that the
    government should not be involved in the private sector. I would be against
    the legalization of heroin but not marijuana. In my opinion, marijuana
    (Pot) does not lead to harder drugs. Pot is the most potent drug of all of
    them only a person will not hallucinate on Pot. In Texas, they are tough on
    crime and they do execute more than most states. I am for the death penalty
    if it is certain that the criminal committed the offense. As an example,
    the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects did commit the crime and it is
    certain. This young man who is now in custody for participation in the
    marathon bombings does deserve to die. It is justice, not revenge. If you
    blow up people and people die and others lose limbs and it is certain that
    a person committed the crime, the death penalty is warranted in my opinion.
    An eight year old boy lost his life on that day. I am going to start
    listening to Rachel Maddow so I will understand her positions as I am not a
    registered democrat or republican. I am what I call a “critical thinker” in
    “ultimate pursuit of the truth” and wants what is best for my country and
    its citizens. I am always in pursuit of the facts and when I establish the
    facts, I then make an analysis based on those truths. It is a fact that
    President Obama has spent more money than any other president in U.S.
    history and that is a big concern of mine because of the massive 17
    trillion dollar dept we now have to face. Over the years, there has been a
    big debate over global warming and I have decided, and I don’t know why I
    did not think of this already, is to research this in the science forum to
    find out once and for all if it is true or false. I always try to encourage
    people to use critical thinking skills to determine what is happening and
    investigate and find the facts. I think I would fundamentally disagree with
    Rachel Maddow on most issues. I think capitalism is the best system for
    everyone and I do not think she would agree with me on this. 

  2. As a nightly viewer of her show, I have to say, I have no idea what you’re
    talking about. Much her time is spent on going after policies that she
    finds questionable, whether they be by Republican or Democrat. After all,
    her BA is in public policy and doctorate is in philosophy in politics, and
    even what she is talking about here is the Republican canidates’ views on
    gay rights, which involves what their public policies may entail for gay
    citizens. It’s all connected.

  3. Yes, but his stances also say that he believes a state should be allowed to
    reinstate sodomy laws (as in gay sex=illegal) that were repealed by the
    Supreme Court in 2003 (Lawrence v. Texas)…

  4. She’s like Beck because she spews out liberal garbage, just like Beck spews
    out conservative garbage. They are two sides of the same coin. If that’s
    still too confusing for you then I’ll have to accept the possibility you’re
    either extremely bias, or don’t know any better. Also, just because someone
    holds a Ph.D doesn’t make them infallible.

  5. 6:53 After Rick Santorum said last night that he would not reinstate don’t
    ask don’t tell? Rachel messed up because HE DOES want to reinstate it! Is
    this a mess up?

  6. I watch her show a lot as well, not every night, but enough. Of all the
    people on MSNBC she’s only one with half a brain. Regardless, despite her
    education, despite her rhetoric, she is the lefts version of Glen Beck. I
    have yet to see her report on anything without a liberal spin to it. This
    not only clouds her judgment to be fair, but ruins her credibility as a
    journalist. Its pretty common knowledge, if you watch Maddow, you’re going
    to be watching liberal propaganda.

  7. You’re going to have to ABC to me how she is the “left’s version of Glenn
    Beck”, given she has yet to call anyone a Nazi, misquotes Thomas Paine on a
    nightly basis, call for revolutions against the government, drum one
    conspiracy theory after another about how the world is going to end,
    viciously malign anyone with a differing opinion of her own, and so on. And
    also unlike Glenn Beck, she’s educated and noted for being exceedingly nice
    by conservatives and liberals alike. This is like Beck, how?

  8. What a rouges gallery of lifers and misfits…Romney won because he had no
    OBVIOUS viral worthy disasters in his life…The GOP/Tea Party is already
    standing stupidly at rapidly approaching irrelevancy…

  9. @vbognot626 Yes. She said ‘reinstate’ instead of ‘repeal’ by accident.

  10. Annnnnnd in comes the needlessly aggressive diatribe and passive-aggressive
    insults. Common occurrence when someone starts to feel their opinion is
    being questioned beyond what they like or just feeling threatened, I should
    be used to this by now. She definitely does have a liberal bias, which she
    admits to frequently her show. But, the chasm between stating something
    with an admit bias slant, and outright propoganda is quite significant

  11. THANK YOU RACHEL. Why couldn’t ONE of the candidates, (regardless of their
    stance on gays and gays serving in the military) chastise the audience for
    booing someone that’s fighting for our country??? Seriously.

  12. Please try to open up your close minded dim witted brain and realize that
    Ron Paul believes in the right of life for ALL beings. That includes living
    babies in their mother’s stomach.

  13. @valegorn Human right’s aren’t petty. They’re practically the most
    important thing.

  14. what I find ironic about Ron Paul is that he believes in “freedom of choice
    for healthcare.” At the same time he’s pro life. Fucking contradiction much?

  15. The reason that getting rid of foreign aid is a laughable idea is because
    it is always one of the first things mentioned when GOP politicians are
    asked how to cut the deficit. Realistically, foreign aid is less than 1% of
    the total federal budget, making it not a very serious suggestion.

  16. Typical msnbc fishing for some anti-republican story. She had a shit for
    when Newt Gingrich said he wanted to get rid of foreign aid, after all we
    should keep giving billions to corrupt governments like in Pakistan and
    Egypt right?

  17. Nope, I’m articulating myself just fine, I might not be as good at making a
    word salad as you are, but I’m being very clear. I know what propaganda
    means, to be fair I will admit its a little bit of a strong word for what
    she does, but it still gives a good description as far as I’m concerned.
    Maybe we’ll just have to agree to disagree? I will give Maddow credit
    though, she’s better than any of the other people on that network, is this
    good enough for you?

  18. Letting the states decide means you support its legalization. When people
    say “I support the legalization of marijuana,” most of the time they mean
    they will let the states decide. And yes, he said that. She showed the
    entire clip of him saying that. Twice. How on Earth do you think she
    mislead you?

  19. Its a shame that people wanna elect candidates like these. Even though they
    claim they’re about individual rights and supporting the troops, they’d
    rather soldiers with different sexual orientations be silent and do as
    their orders follows. That young man volunteered to protecting our freedoms
    and men like Santorum and the audience spit in his face.Tell you what, why
    dont we tell the straight men to be quiet too because not only do they
    flaunt their sexuality, but they also rape men and women.

  20. Well, it’s on you too if you can’t articulate yourself any better, all
    things being honest here… And you keep saying what she essentially does
    is nothing but propoganda, but I’m going to be candid here and say, that
    word doesn’t mean what I think you think it means. >.>

  21. Not all Republicans have “anti gay stances” Ron Paul for instance is in
    favour of the current system of letting states decide on issues such as gay
    marriage, he has said he would do nothing at a federal level to try and
    prevent the passage of same sex marriage legislation in states. He also
    opposes the “Federal Marriage Amendment” which would amend the constitution
    to say that “marriage is between a man and a women”

  22. The healthcare question was what finally made me realize that Ron Paul is
    just nuts. He may have some good ideas, but he’s nuts.

  23. If you took it as an insult, that’s on you, I wasn’t insulting you, I was
    just trying to understand your logic. That and you’ve been questioning my
    opinion since your first reply, so I’m not worried, I’m simply calling it
    how I see it. It becomes propaganda when noticeable patterns emerge. It
    becomes propaganda when she continually demonizes the other side. It
    becomes propaganda when she more willing to peddle the liberal agenda than
    her own. She’s kinda crazy.

  24. Please open up your dim witted brain and realize that women deserve
    choices. And it’s a fetus, not a baby.

  25. They were cheering a sentiment against government paternalism–not
    legalizing heroin-I don’t agree-but Rachel ‘s being a little intellectually
    dishonest or lazy.

  26. Santorum, that question had NUH-THING to do with having sex, it’s about a
    certain group of people being permitted to enter military service if they
    so choose. Didn’t you pay attention to the question, or to the booing?

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