25 Comments on “Rainbow Rendition of Russian Anthem: Swedes sing Sochi Olympics protest song for gay rights”

  1. It’s amazing how people spend their resources to defend lust (it’s not
    love), yet they can’t defend the rights of a child in the womb and stand by
    and make a mockery of Russia’s national anthem while not speaking up
    against abortion. Blind hypocrites. And then use children in the video for
    emotional factor….like Putin said, “Leave the children alone.” But now
    these people along with NAMBLA don’t care that children’s innocence is
    being perverted.

  2. Wow, it’s kind of sick that they put children in this commercial to promote
    their agenda and politics. Sweden isn’t tolerant of other nations beliefs,
    this a sign of brainwashing.

  3. The video shows a wonderful testimony as to how good people can be. The
    awful, hate-driven & insecure commentary shows how hate-infested people can
    be. The kind & the meek shall truly inherit the earth. Exc vid, gracias fr
    posting. For all those folks pretending to be Christian & spouting hatred;
    remember the kind & the meek shall inherit the earth. What would Jesus
    Christ do? Would He join your venom spitting mob or look at you as the
    ignorant cretins that you are. Gotta wonder. Peace/Shalom.

  4. Don’t ever forget go- guys, you must boycott russian vodka and buy pro lgbt
    vodka, you need to show your support and also you need to buy the
    merchandise to show you’re not a russian bigot. You don’t want to be a
    russian bigot right?
    We didn’t like it when people were communists back in the days, we don’t
    want you to become yet again a russian puppet by being a bigot!

  5. How dare they disrespect the motherland. Off to Siberia for you. Kommunisma

  6. Like, Share & spread as much as you can please!

    #sochi2014 #russia #olympics #Putin #lgbt 

  7. russian activists are HEROES. Highest respect for their courage and sense
    og justice. And compliments to swedish authors of this demonstration.

  8. PEOPLE suffering HOMOSEXUALITY have to understand that this problem is a
    MEDICAL CONDITION (Hormonal and Sexual Behavior Disorder ) and like
    Alcoholism, Pedophile Behavior,Diabetes,etc must be treated by PHYCICIANS
    because only “MENTAL HEALTH SICK and PERVERTED PERSONS do it.”

  9. Two things. First. These Swedish have no right to use the Russian National
    Anthem to mock it’s social policies. Second. Funny how the first line is
    “Russia of Holy Nation” and yet these people push for unholy practices to
    be performed in Russia.

  10. What a shame to sing The Holy Russian Anthem under the disgusting rainbow
    flag by these subhuman animals!

  11. This isn’t about religion or personal sexual preferences, nor should this
    be. This is about BASIC Human Rights to live and to love. No matter where
    we live, we should have these rights, and nobody should have the power to
    take these rights away from us. My hope for all of us is that one day we
    will learn to live in this world together and to love one another despite
    our seeming differences. 

  12. Excellent video, great artistic performance – i salute you from Germany!
    To all the haters – grow some balls,get rid of your brainwashed
    preconceptions and face your own homosexual aspects of your beeing. Crying
    out homophobic paroles doesn´t make you manlier, holier or somehow a better
    russian person.

  13. It is an abomination. Its painful to see children among them

  14. Russians have a lot of work to to understanding religion is kinda
    old’school and have no sane values yet religion is a part of their politics
    and human rights. Unfortunately it wont change over a night but ovet time
    when the new generation start understanding religions true colors, just
    like we did in Sweden some generations ago.
    Give them time people! U cant force a whole nation to change over one

  15. i’m Russian, and i’m offering all western countries who like gay people to
    take ALL gays from Russia. I’m sure gay will like it because they will be
    accepted and all other people will like it because everyone will stop
    talking about it.

  16. Hurrah for Sweden….one question though, why are there not any Muslims in
    the crowd?? Considering the Muslim population in Sweden these days, I find
    it rather odd they were not represented?

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