2 Comments on “Rais Yoweri Museveni aidhinisha sheria kali dhidi ya ushoga nchini Uganda”

  1. Until the new anti-gay law is repealed I would suggest there be a boycott
    of this country. The law punishes first-time “offenders” with 14 years in
    jail. It also sets life imprisonment as the penalty for acts of “aggravated
    homosexuality”. That means that the premier of my province, Ontario, would
    not be allowed to visit – or the foreign minister of Canada. Or a number of
    Presidents and Prime Ministers. This is madness. The world needs to make it
    clear to backward countries that they need to start taking basic human
    rights seriously or face the consequences. Hatred is a way of life in
    Uganda – It was within my lifetime (the 1970s), that they expelled all of
    the Indians and Pakistanis. The president announced that God told him to
    order the expulsion. His God and Uganda’s God, perhaps, but not my God.
    Boycott Uganda!

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