41 Comments on “RAW ONION CHALLENGE – Josh Rimer”

  1. Josh You are a Sweetie 🙂 Great job on the video. You make me laugh and
    great job on the vid. Maybe you can do The Name that TV Theme challenge one
    day. That may be fun to do

  2. Josh I love your videos but I didn’t like this one, was a bit
    exaggerated… (Couldn’t find the words in English to express exactly what
    I am thinking). 

  3. I like onion, but what? why eat like that? Cut this onion and fired on the
    pan. Then be delicous :P

  4. You get our satisfaction of seeing you torture yourself by eating an entire
    raw onion so we thank you for your personal sacrifice. 

  5. Onions are so good for you omg your so brave ..haha you should have cooked
    it lol and added something it would have been less painful at 2:27 that
    freakin fake smile… made me laugh so hard haha! No pussy challenges for
    Josh lol that’s for sure! chubby bunny challenge? or the Jelly bean
    challenge? did your farts smell like onion haha? I bet no vampires came
    near you lol

  6. I can only eat cooked onions. I could not do that for anything in the
    world. I think you should try to deal with the disabled person and what
    they go thru.

  7. Isnt that salad onion?(since its so big) If so, than thats pretty much
    cheating, salad onions arent as strong as real ones….

  8. “you made out with a girl before so you can survive this” xD lol this was
    great! when i did this challenge, i could only eat a few bites! so props to
    you for eating so much of it!!

  9. I Like cooked onion but not Raw onion. If I have them in my burger I take
    them out. BTW I like your shirt. Maybe you can do the baby food challenge
    next, just an idea. This was fun to watch 🙂 Great job on the video.

  10. I do not mind cooked onion. Raw onions though is something I dislike to
    deal with. +Jellyand Day make a challenge called the pickle challenge which
    i suggest if you like to eat pickles.

  11. Hi Josh I need some advice. My Best friends brother is very Homophobic
    which I`m not very happy about. I Met him before but I did not like him
    much. What should I Do?

  12. other Sassy torture ideas? eating garlic, or jalapenos, singing karaoke
    blind-folded, or even petting a cat?

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