11 Comments on “Re: Russia’s Anti-Gay Vladimir Putin”

  1. you make me feel sick you bigoted perverted bitch, you don’t deserve
    recognition to the civilized world, take your Russian world & stuff it up
    your bigoted Russian ass´╗┐

  2. sorry hon…..its blatant hatred to gay people……and like anyone –
    anywhere, gays don’t discover they’re gay at 18…..most people know they
    are gay as young children, so basically its a hatred towards gay
    people…and Now they want to STEAL Children from gay -lesbian parents???
    Its Disgusting…..Russia is Nazism 2.0 except this time its the gays,
    before the Jews.

  3. I never said that underpopulation is gay’s fault. It’s something that hit
    Russia during WWII and it’s still a big problem, but that’s what a lot of
    politicians in Russia argue and that’s one of the reasons they gave for
    pushing the law.

  4. You mean the part about Putin not being as evil as he’s painted to be?
    There is so much anti-Russian and anti-Putin propaganda in the US that most
    people really think he is a monster. Not to mention still believing that
    Russia started Georgia-Ossietian conflict, even after it was proven to not
    be the case.

  5. so the under-population is the gays fault is it? How about ALL the
    Orphagaes FULL of children in russians…why have all the str8 people
    abandoned thier children???? they are kept like cattle in pens……sick
    sick sick

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