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  1. I used to hate TYT but now I love these guys because of how much they
    opened my mind about Obama and such.

    I am sorry TYT for my ignorance back then. Now I am open and I am 18!

  2. I think there’s an obvious point that’s not being addressed, the supreme
    court delivered an accurate interpretation of the issues asserted,
    corporate identity has been established long ago. 

  3. Business is good. Violence is bad. Government is violence. That problem
    isn’t business in politics, it is politics in business.

  4. so 7 of 8 decisions going the way the chamber of commerce wanted means the
    court is going more corporate….not that in 7 of 8 cases they had valid
    positions, no! it’s all about doing favors, making allegiances, nothing so
    objective as ruling based on the truth of the matter.

    TYT finding something depressing sounds like good news to me, as they
    basically don’t understand how reality works and if it doesn’t fit into
    their identity politics bubble they’ll change the “facts”, take things out
    of context, whatever they have to do to make it fit.

  5. I would like to know the pro arguments the court discussed in favor of a
    corp becoming a person –

    The United States supreme court Will Be Held Accountable For Its Crime
    Against The American People –

    The Good News: There Will Be A Second Coming – The Bad News It Won’t Be
    Jesus -

  6. hmmmm…I agree in principle with this, but at 4:00…nah. For his
    argument to make sense, you have to assume first that the CoC’s position
    (lol!) is exclusive of and always opposed to “public interest”, and further
    that public interest equals constitutionality. The Supreme Court’s job is
    to interpret constitutionality of laws, which while we would hope would
    coincide with “public interest”, is not necessarily the case.

  7. I will share this. Corpholes are indeed the first and foremost evil power
    on our world. They have planned to “take over” more systems of control,
    and they are doing it. Please Join the Wolf-PAC too. I did. 

  8. This current U.S. Supreme Court is the most corrupt high-court in the
    history of our country. Beginning with Buckley v. Valeo, the court has made
    decision after decision that serves their corporate allies. Doubt it?

    We now have the hard numbers to prove it… but beware, it can be difficult
    to hear.

    Watch Cenk break it down by clicking here: Really Depressing News About The
    Supreme Court (And How To Change It)

  9. The Supreme Court will always rule against the American people in favor of
    the 1%. They gave us George W. Bush. They also ruled against the 99% in the
    case of Kelo vs New London. In that case the rich political class can now
    take our homes from us any time they want for any reason.

  10. There’s a reason Karl Marx used the term “dictatorship of the proletariat”
    when he described what would supplant capitalism. Because what capitalism
    creates is “dictatorship of the capitalists”. When the public space is
    squeezed out of existence by corporate power, and this is all legitimized
    by “elections” which empower people who take legalized bribes from
    corporations, who nominate people to the ultimate legal authority who side
    with corporate interests the vast majority of the time, in a world in which
    all the major media outlets pose no challenge whatsoever to the
    establishment, this is *dictatorship*. It is “separation of power” – that
    is, the people are separated – or rather alienated – from their own power.

  11. I have to remind everyone that these Corporations are socialized. They’re
    not capitalist enterprises, but rather Welfare Zombie Businesses, protected
    and inflated by Government in order to reap the immense economic power this
    grants to said politicians. These Corpratist enterprises are not corrupting
    government (which is by its nature corrupt), but the result of government
    co-opting and corrupting the Market to increase its power over the people.

    As for all of this anti-Capitalist speak: If you think that businesses are
    evil bastards for providing a service, at least you can walk away from a
    business. Once you idiots get what you want, and Government starts
    providing all of the services, you’ll come to realize how horrible this
    arrangement will be. Just ask everyone who survived the Soviet Union and
    its Great Progressive Socialist Project.

  12. easy fix.. stop letting political ganga take power.. and stop letting
    politicians have the ability to buy stocks!

  13. join wolf-pac online and quit acting like voting is uncool. Voting is NOT
    “not cool”! my generation HAS to see this before its too late. We have to
    come together and make real change!

  14. The Supreme Court is owned by the Chamber of Commerce. Things got worse
    when they said corporations have free speech rights.

  15. The right wing doesn’t look out for the people? Maybe not economically but
    definitely socially. If we went left on social issues our country would
    collapse within a few years and our social culture would become worse than
    Japan’s quickly.

  16. Please remember: Just because the Supreme Court has voted in favor of
    corporate interests *does not* imply that they were paid off by said
    corporate interests.

    Stop promoting this conspiracy garbage.

  17. Who still waiting for politicians to change the Constitution? You know they
    gonna do it. They already violating our rights.

  18. seriously? money is legally speech?

    cool. let’s start destroying the property of the wealthy. if money is
    speech, it’s our *duty* to force them to waste theirs on replacing all
    their pretty shit.

  19. Why is there still a 1% who owns most of the wealth? Who are these people?

  20. This is the reason why democracy is bad. The votes can be bought. This is
    why we are supposed to be a Republic. Our constitution clearly defines our
    rights and the people that this man is talking about is supposed to defend
    those right not rule on if we can have them or not. This has to be the best
    explanation of why democracy is a failure. We are a Republic and we need to
    stop these corps. I applaud you sir for your explanation and break down of
    what is the problem today.

  21. How often do the United States Supreme Court justices vote in favor of
    corporate interests, specifically the Chamber Of Commerce? What about the
    supposedly liberal justices appointed by President Obama like Sotomayor and
    Kagan? The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down

  22. The conservative bent of the “liberal” justices may be (partially)
    attributable to adherence to precedent rather than personal ideology. That
    said, it doesn’t make it right that ego driven, amoral organizations which
    care only about money are more important than real people.

  23. I should add I was amused at the end though for your add I have an idea.You
    should dress someone up in a used car salesman uniform smiling with thumbs
    up and say something like.Are you tired of corrupt politicians and
    judges,well give us the money instead and we will work for you::wink:: we
    are for the regular Americans,Trust us,Big Smile at the end of course.Nice
    touch forgetting to tell people that also according to the constitution
    states have the right to override the government.I am sure that was an
    unintentional oversight though:::wink::

  24. We also need to have term limits on the supreme court, especially these
    sell outs who have sold out the American public and our Constitution,…

  25. historically, i think that corporations became “persons” back in England, a
    long time ago.
    the reasoning being, if i remember correctly, personhood was bestowed on
    corporations so that companies could be sued/taken to court. it was
    reasoned that, in order to be sued, an entity had to be a human. a
    corporation could not be sued because it was not a person. (i stand to be
    corrected if this summary is wrong.)

  26. I love this “logic” that extrapolates from end results. I guess the NBA is
    violently racist against Asians since so few play professional basketball.

  27. They finally showed their true colors and revealed who they work for, the
    Lobbies. The game is rigged and has been for quite some time. Didn’t you
    get the memo?

  28. I get a lot of “you’re alienating allies when you slam libertarians!” But,
    after reading some of these comments, I can’t help but think how ignorant
    they are. You actually think abolishing government will in anyway abolish
    the wealth or assets or means of production controlled by these people.
    You’re delusional. You’re like any religious zealot spouting nonsense that
    has no basis in reality. You think corporations don’t corrupt the
    government? Ok, you’re either a fool, a troll, or a corporate shill, not
    that they are mutually exclusive. I have no patients patience to try to
    debate reality with intellectual frauds. That said, those libertarians who
    don’t think the Koch brothers and their ilk are fine examples of humanity,
    I say this: if you think corporations are bad controlling our politicians,
    imagine them AS politicians. 

  29. So you want the politicians to be bought by the govt? By the NSA? By our
    tax dollars? That’s not a viable alternative.

  30. one man, one vote. corporations should not be allowed, at all, to
    contribute to political candidates, political partiers or donate any money
    to any cause, other than charity directed to human needs and not political

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