11 Comments on “REASON #2: Is Humanism Superior to Religion?”

  1. We should collect money to buy part of Canada to make our own country. At
    least the scientific sector will not be stagnant.

  2. The New Testament parables mostly come from Egypt. Even the myth that Jesus
    will return for a great apocalyptic war is from the myths and stories of

  3. Yep. There is no contest. Humans exist. We know they exist. You can see
    them, hear them, you can smell most of them and you can feel and taste some
    of them if they let you. And by feel I mean properly physically feel rather
    than bullshit fake ‘feel’. 5 more proofs than there is of any god. For that
    reason humanism has to take precedent in importance and is therefore

  4. Humanism and religion contain many facets. You can find good and bad facets
    in each, if you are honest. If it’s just a numbers game, then you may be
    missing important ideas.
    Some humanists think they are superior to animals and plants. Some
    religions give special reverence to animals and plants. Which is superior,
    and do you use a human bias to make that judgement?

  5. Big SECULAR Governments have murdered more people then ANY religion in
    history. Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, the slaughter of 75 million in
    communist China. And many more examples. Believing in God is much more
    rational than not believing at all.

  6. When I went to church about a third to fifty percent was spent on the local
    food bank. They would print a paper about how they spent the money they
    collected. I don’t know why christians would be mad about having to
    disclose that info to the government. Yes I think humanism is superior to
    religion. If our civilization was destroyed these idiots would go back to
    the bible and be terrorists. They’d probably kill about everybody that
    didn’t agree with them. we’ve been held back for 2,000 years because of
    monotheism. If any religion tells me not to think for myself I run from it.
    In ancient times the temples held all the scientific documents and
    open-minded people. I figure that’s why they burned them to the ground
    along with the library and college in Alexandria. In 300 B.C. some priest
    wrote a hypothesis that disease was caused by small and invisible
    lifeforms. If these religions would not have come along we would have
    colonies on the moon and mars, plus we would be building space ships
    capable of interstellar travel. These idiots destroyed so much, let’s work
    to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

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