Religion and Gay Rights

This video discusses several different religions and their views of gay rights, including how these views have changed over the past several decades. Made by…

2 Comments on “Religion and Gay Rights”

  1. Taoism is in my opinion the most gay-friendly of the large religions, but
    at the same time it discards sexual orientation in the way the religion is
    about seeking balance in all questions, and so the ultimate taoist
    sexuality would be to seek both your inner feminine and masculine sides and
    become a bisexual, as Ying and Yang is the state you need to reach in all
    matters. So if everyone was bisexual, there would no issues with sexual
    orientation. And Kinsey seemed to think a very large portion of the
    population is potentially bisexual to different degrees, so that makes
    sense to me.

  2. Leviticus 18:22 in hebrew “v’et-zacar lo tishcab mish’c’bey ishar to’ebah
    he” means “A man shall not lie with another man in beds of women”, a
    reference to a rape ritual that the Caanaanites performed for their god
    Moloch. Also I do not think people were asked to “put to death” other
    people, this I think is more God warning “this will happen to you”.

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